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Our professional team help you design and fabric special shape air filter According to your specifications

There are lots of different air filters in the market, which air filter you need? Do you want a customized air filter?

Technology from a Chinese factory

Outstanding CustomizedServices ServicesServices

If you have a strange size, shape air filter requirement, but cannot find a positive supplier from your local market. Why not try to contact us? We can help you design, make the personalized air filters and ship to you via international DHL or FedEx, air cargo / sea shipment directly.

Well Experienced

We have lots of cases for custom air filters and HEPA filters, such as for 3D printer, fresh air system and air purifier

Fully customized

We can help you make the air filter 100% according to your specifications and provides less MOQ

Fast lead time

It doesn`t cost much time for an order if your cooperate with us.

What we can do ?

Outstanding Customized AirFilters

What we can do to help you get the OEM air filters for your project?


the air filter efficiency range from pre filter G1 to G4, Medium M5 to F9, HEPA H10 to H14, those are available for us


If your air filter sizes are strange/non-standard. You may cannot find a supplier from local supplier, turn to us now : )


For some clients they asked us provide both particle filtration and smell remove function together, we are very experienced for that.


Different material to achieve different function, like activated carbon for odor remove, true HEPA material for particle remove, TiO2 for sterilization

Less MOQ

Don`t worry about the MOQ, less MOQ help you save budget and build the project step by step.

Fast delivery

Our factory equipped with enough devices and lots of skilled workers. You can get the filters within a short term.