3rd party HEPA filter for air purifier

Why do you need 3rd party HEPA filter?

Are you considering using a 3rd party HEPA filter for your air purifier? In many cases, if your air purifier is used continuously for a long time, the HEPA filter will quickly reach the critical point of replacement. If you do not replace it in time, the dust collected in the air filter may become a potential source of pollution and be released into your surrounding air environment.
Too many frequent replacements will inevitably bring more costs, so when you consider non-original air filters, you can find that non-original one are much cheaper than original ones, so this will save you more money.

Are 3rd party HEPA filters good?

The answer is yes, the only advantage when you buy an original HEPA filter is that you only need to provide the model number of the product to get the correct type. If you purchase a 3rd party HEPA filter, you need to provide the dimensions of the product to the third-party supplier to ensure that the air filter can fit your purifier well.
Non-original HEPA filters are very compatible with your air purifier and can filter out dust in the air very well. When using the same filter material and filtration efficiency, the performance of the filter is the same.

The HEPA filter for home use does not require too much inspection and testing because it does not need to filter particles that are too fine (such as less than 0.12 microns). It has a filtration effect of 99% for PM2.5 particles, which can meet the requirements of all household purifiers. Because PM2.5 is the smallest particle that is considered harmful to the human respiratory system.

3rd party HEPA filter

How to get a 3rd party HEPA filter?

Firstly, you need to find a HEPA filter manufacturer who can build 3rd-party items.

You need to offer the size of the filters because the manufacturer sometimes doesn`t know the actual size of the filter you need, you need to measure it before they offer you a price.

Try to order more than 10 units per time, since you are looking for 3rd-party replacement filters with the best price, the manufacturer willing to produce more than one unit makes them offer the best price so you can save cost.

Try to use the best shipping method to save costs. As most of the 3rd-party air filter manufacturers are located in China, shipping internationally will cost more if shipped via freight. Ship via sea is a very good choice because the shipping cost is not expensive at all, you only need to consider the shipping time sometimes it takes about 30 days, so ordering some in advance is necessary.

It is better to establish long-term cooperation

You can tell the manufacturer how many pcs you need per year, so they can contact you and ask you if need to re-order the filters, if you can order the filters a month before that can cover the shipping time of sea.

Offer any design you need

Don`t worry that the 3rd-party manufacturer cannot make the replacement filter according to your requirements.

What you need to know is the HEPA filter for air purifiers is no standard size at all. So the factory does custom sizes and designs every day.

Just tell them your idea and see what they can do for you!