Activated Carbon Pocket Filter

Activated Carbon Pocket Filter mainly uses the adsorption principle of activated carbon to remove odors from the ventilation system, while maintaining the characteristics of removing particles. The design of this filter usually consists of multiple bags of chemical fiber cotton installed in a metal frame. The design of multiple bags can increase the filtering area to improve the performance of the filter. The metal frame is made of galvanized iron or aluminum alloy to ensure long-term durability.

The filter material is cut from the entire sheet by a machine and then is sewn into a V-shaped bag opening through ultrasonic waves or needle threads.

  • Filter media: synthetic fiber with carbon combined
  • Frame: galvanized, aluminum alloy T21mm or 25mm
  • Filter efficiency: G4
  • Design: multi-pocket
  • Function: remove dust and odor for ventilation
  • Size: for both standard and customized
  • Pocket QTY: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10mm
  • Pocket length: 200-1000mm
  • Temperature: 80°C
  • Humidity: 80%

G4 Efficiency

Active carbon powder and synthetic fiber filter cotton are compounded into a multifunctional filter material, which can effectively remove various harmful gases and odors in the air. Its filtration efficiency for particles is G4. Can achieve a removal efficiency of 70-90% for common odors in the ventilation system.

Why use it

The purpose of this filter is to add the function of removing odor without increasing the number of filters, which provides convenience for compact ventilation systems. The use of such a filter needs to be considered given its potential reduction in particle filtration performance. For example, if the previous pocket filter has an efficiency of F7 or F8, the actual efficiency of this activated carbon pocket filter is G4. To cope with this situation, we offer the activated carbon V bank filter design that can keep the particle filtering efficiency the same as before or even better.

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