Sliding door air shower

sliding door air shower
sliding door air shower for cleanroom
automatic door air shower

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  1. Whole SUS304 or SUS201 or painted metallic housing.
  2. HEPA H13 or H14 purified airflow.
  3. High airflow and low vibration fan.
  4. Manual or automatically door.
  5. Electronic magnetic interlock door system.
  6. 360 degree rotatable SUS nozzles.
  7. Microprocessor controlled.
  8. Intelligent voice guidance system.
  9. LED display indicating the time and state of spraying.
  10. Spray time is adjustable, ranging from 10-99s.
  11. Soft key touch switch, long service lifes.
  12. Infrared photoelectric sensor controls air spray.
  13. Voice tips
  14. 220V / 110V / 380V
  15. Sliding door, automatically door open and close


Item No EA-AS1000EA-AS2000EA-AS3000
Outside dimension (mm)1240*1000*21001240*2000*21001240*3000*2100
Inside dimension (mm)790*860*1930790*1860*1930790*2860*1930
Rated power (Kw)1.534.5
Airflow speed (m/s)13-25 adjustable
Nozzle quantity122436
HEPA filter QTY123
Pre air filter QTY123
Loading people1-21-41-6
Input380V/50Hz, 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Filter efficiencyClass100, H13 99.97% @ 0.3 micron
ControlElectronic interlock + Photoelectric sensor + Voice control
Airflow blow time (S)0-99 adjustable
MaterialSUS304, SUS201, painted steel panel
ApplicationCleanroom, laboratory, food process, pharma, electronics etc.
* For both standard and customized sizes, efficiency available

Why choose sliding door air shower?

The sliding door air shower can be used in food, medical, pharmaceutical, spraying, chemical, electronic, semiconductor and other industries, and its role is to maintain the cleanliness of the cleanroom. The two doors of the sliding door air shower adopt electronic magnetic guard locks. The two doors cannot be opened at the same time. When one door is open, the other door is always closed, so as to prevent external pollution sources from entering the cleanroom.

The control of the sliding door air shower can be selected as manual or fully automatic. The interior uses a 360-degree rotatable stainless steel nozzle. When goods or staff enter the interior, the high-speed flow of wind purified by the high-efficiency filter blows the staff and objects. On the surface, the pollution source is taken away and recycled back to the inside of the air shower. The airflow is in a semi-circular state, part of it is discharged to the outside world, and the other part of the gas will continue to be purified by a high-efficiency filter and then blown.

The installation of an air shower adopts a modular layout. We will split it into multiple modules and package them separately, and then install them on-site after you receive the goods. We will provide detailed drawings and installation instructions.

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