IOS Biological Safety Cabinet manufacturer in Shenzhen China

Product features:

1. Meet the requirements of YY0569 standard of China SFDA and A2 type of secondary biosafety cabinet of USA NSF/ANSI49 standard.

2. Vertical laminar negative pressure model.Seventy percent of the air is filtered and recycled, and 30 percent of the air is filtered out of the working space or connected to the exhaust system.

3. The “zero leakage” patented technology HEPA or ULPA filters are installed in both the air supply and exhaust systems to ensure the cleanliness of ISO 5 (level 100) or ISO4 (level 10).

4. The double-layer box body surrounded by negative pressure ensures no pollution leakage.All the workspaces are made of US304 stainless steel, and the arc Angle inner tank has the function of self-cleaning.

5. SUS304 stainless steel sump tank with more than 4 liters is configured.

6. The 10-degree tilt design of the isolated operating surface makes the operator more comfortable.

7. The sliding front window adopts the imported suspension lifting system. The tempered glass with a thickness of more than 5mm can be locked in any arbitrary position, with reliable performance and no need to maintenance.Easily for sterilization after close the tempered glass door.

8. The front suction inlet adopts the unimpeded return air technology.

9. Removable circular arc type shelf reduces fatigue and facilitates handling.

10. All-English dialogue interface, controlled by touchable LED screen interface.The LED screen displays the falling laminar air flow speed, inlet air flow velocity, HEPA filter rest service life and HEPA filters blocking alarm in real time. It can see the operating condition and failure alarm of the machine, monitor and display the running time of the unit in real time.

11. Front tempered glass window position sound and lighting alarm.

12. Safe interlock system for lighting and sterilization systems.

13. The work area is equipped with anti-splash safety power socket and various valves connected with trachea for easy operation.

14. The imported automatic air volume compensation system ensures that the air flow change is less than 10% when the filter resistance increases by 50%, this system improve the safety

15. Strict anti-leakage detection of the cabinet to ensure no leakage of the cabinet under the condition of 500PA.

16. Strict leak detection of HEPA/ULPA filters.