If buying some pleated air filters from a factory really save costs?

Does buying pleated air filters from a manufacturer really save money?

Through years of production and sales experience, we have contacted many different customers from different countries, who inquired about pleated air filters. They have many different purposes, then the two most important reasons are

  • First, they may want to find better prices.
  • Second, they may want to customize some special sizes to meet their special needs.

Concern about shipping costs

One thing that must be affirmed is that the unit price of the product will definitely decrease, whether it is a large quantity or a small quantity. But something uncertain is the shipping cost of the product. The replacement of pleated air filters is very frequent, so for a large commercial ventilation system, even some large factories will need a large number of filters every year. If the quantity is a few or a dozen, the shipping cost of the product will be relatively high. In this case, it is recommended that you buy locally. If you want more than 100 or even 1000, or even more, these relative shipping costs are not that important.

At the same time, for some special sizes, if you can’t buy them locally or the price provided by your local manufacturer is relatively higher, you can also choose to come to us as a professional factory that can provide customized services. We have a unique advantage in customization. Not only can the product be delivered quickly, but the price can be maintained at an attractive level.

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How to buy pleated air filters from our factory?

  • First of all, you need to make sure that you need a relatively large quantity of pleated air filters, usually more than 100 or more.
  • Second, you may need some special size pleated air filters, because we have this advantage for doing that. The most important thing you need to consider is how much the shipping cost of a single product, so you need to definitely consider the quantity.

Sea shipping

The pleated filter is the most basic filter, and its entire production is relatively simple, so the unit price of the entire product is not very expensive. Usually, if you buy from our factory, we will suggest you use sea freight, the sea freight is cheaper, and of course, it may take you to wait 20-30 days to receive the goods. If you have experience in customs clearance, then we can provide you with the price to the port, if you do not have this experience, it does not matter, we will provide a one-stop service. The freight forwarder we arrange can be shipped directly from the manufacturer to your factory, and you do not need to handle any documents and customs clearance procedures in the middle. Generally speaking, the time may not be a month, maybe you can receive the goods in 20 days, so it is very convenient.

Consider that pleated air filters require frequent replacement. After we have established long-term cooperation with you, we will remind you to purchase regularly, we will arrange production and delivery for you 2 months before you need to replace the filter so that you can receive the filter before each replacement schedule. This provides convenient support for the operation of your entire procurement system. Buying from our factory will be an absolute cost-saving way. Because this filter needs to be replaced frequently, saving money every time you buy from us will add up to a very large expense reduction.

Our features

Our pleated air filter adopts a very good design, its pleated filter material can provide more filtering area, which means that the filter can provide less resistance, and provide a greater air flow rate while providing more dust holding capacity. These three advantages are crucial to the use and maintenance of the ventilation system. Let’s explain these three differences in detail, one at a time.

1. Less resistance. Intuitively, this directly saves you the electricity you use to run your entire ventilation system. This will be a very big money saving over the long term.

2. More airflow rate, which means your ventilation system can send more fresh air into the room. This will significantly improve the indoor air environment. And isn’t that the original mission of installing an air filter?

3. Better dust-holding capacity. This allows the air filter to last longer and you don’t have to replace it as often. This can greatly save labor costs while reducing the time and downtime of the ventilation system.

How can we tell if it is qualified?

1. As a production factory with many years of experience, we recommend customers to distinguish in the most intuitive way. The quality of this filter can be judged by simply judging the fold number. For the width of 24 feet, we usually fold between 13 and 25 folds. If you didn’t ask for the fold number when you bought this type of filter, then you probably don’t know what the true air volume of this filter is. Generally speaking, the more folds, the greater its air volume and dust holding capacity, and the less resistance it has, the better its quality will be.

2. Second, you need to judge whether the structure of this filter takes care of it. Because the pleated filter is usually placed at the front of the AHU, the air volume it carries is usually the largest. In order for it to maintain its integrity, with such high air volumes, a sturdy structure is often necessary. Usually we recommend adding a layer of metal mesh to the back of the filter material. The metal grid can support the filter material well. At the same time, the folded filter material also contributes to its overall strength.


Pleated air filters are mainly used to filter dust particles larger than five microns. It is one of the most commonly used products in air conditioning systems, large air compressor pre-filtration, clean ventilation system pre-filtration and return air filtration, as well as spraying and other industries. The filtering level can be divided into G3, G4, F5, F6, F7, etc. According to the MERV standard, it can be divided into MERV8~16.

How long to use the pleated air filters?

A good quality pleated filter can be used for 2-4 months under normal circumstances. In order to avoid the blockage of excessive dust on the surface of the filter, which increases the resistance of the entire ventilation system and affects the use of subsequent filters, we recommend that these filters be replaced in time. You need to check the ventilation system and the display of the AHU differential pressure gauge every once in a while. If the resistance increases, the filter needs to be replaced. Timely replacement of filters is also one of the important means to save the power consumption of the entire system.

What are the main types of pleated air filters?

The most common type on the market is to use cardboard as the frame, and then chemical fiber cotton as the filter material. This is mainly used in some commercial and civil places. The advantage is that the price is very cheap, but it cannot be used in a humid environment. Considering the air volume, stronger corrugated paper can be used as the frame.

For some with higher requirements on air volume, a metal frame may be used. The metal frame has better strength and can be used in humid and high-temp