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  • Filter media: PTFE with carbon powder combined or carbon particle
  • Frame: ABS plastic
  • Design: V bank – 2V – 3V – 4V
  • Function: remove dust and odor for ventilation
  • Size: for both standard and customized
  • Header: 25mm thickness
  • Temperature: 80°C
  • Humidity: 80%
  • Standard size: 592*592*292mm
  • Standard size: 592*287*592mm
/ Use a plastic basket to install the filter material. The filter material can be a filter cloth composed of activated carbon particles or activated carbon powder and PTFE filter material.

/ Mainly used to remove odors and toxic gases in the air. The size is standard 24*24*12inch or 12*24*12inch (592*592*292mm, or 592*592*292mm).

/ It can be designed as 2V, 3V, 4V structure, which is characterized by being able to provide very high air volume and low resistance.

/ Specification
Frame: ABS plastic
Filter material: activated carbon particles or active powder + PTFE cloth
Filter dust grade: F7-H10 (limited to active powder + PTFE cloth)
Sealing strip: EVA on the back of the flange of the plastic basket
Item NOSize (mm)V QTYFilter mediaF7F8F9H10
CB4VB55G592*592*2924VCarbon + PTFE50Pa60Pa70Pa90Pa
CB3VB55G592*592*2923VCarbon + PTFE50Pa60Pa70Pa90Pa
CB2VB55G592*592*2922VCarbon + PTFE50Pa60Pa70Pa90Pa
CB3VB45G490*592*2923VCarbon + PTFE50Pa60Pa70Pa90Pa
CB3VB44G490*490*2923VCarbon + PTFE50Pa60Pa70Pa90Pa
CB3VB42G490*287*2923VCarbon + PTFE50Pa60Pa70Pa90Pa
CB2VB22G287*287*2922VCarbon + PTFE50Pa60Pa70Pa90Pa
CB4VB55P592*592*2924VCarbon particleNANANANA
CB3VB55P592*592*2923VCarbon particleNANANANA
CB2VB55P592*592*2922VCarbon particleNANANANA
CB3VB45P490*592*2923VCarbon particleNANANANA
CB3VB44P490*490*2923VCarbon particleNANANANA
CB3VB42P490*287*2923VCarbon particleNANANANA
CB2VB22P287*287*2922VCarbon particleNANANANA
* For both standard and customized sizes, efficiency available