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Modular clean booth workstation, also called as modular cleanroom, it is the most convenient and fast way to establish a simple and easy cleanroom, it has a variety of cleanliness level from class 10, class 100, class 1000, class 10000 to class 30,000 and size and space collocation can be designed and manufactured according to user demand.
It is so easy to install and easy to use that make building a cleanroom become economic way and save time.
all kinds of size and construction can be customized.

/ Features:
customized and standard size;
Aluminum alloy square tube 40*40mm connection, 40*60mm, 40*80mm and so on.
T-bar ceiling to hold fan filter unit on the top.
Fan filter unit HEPA H13, H14, U15 EN:1822
Modular Softwall and hardwall design
There are two different mode —- Softwall clean booth and Hardwall clean booth
Softwall clean booth, Modular softwall cleanroom

Softwall clean booth is a modular design for cleanroom

Made of aluminum alloy square tube 40*40mm, PVC vinyl curtain as the wall, and fan filter unit on the ceiling;
Housing: Aluminum alloy square tube 40*40mm
Wall: PVC vinyl curtain
Fan filter unit: H13, H14 EN:1822
Control model: Control box centralized control
Air flow: Laminar flow from up to down
Light Fluorescent light
Wheel: Universal wheel brake or fixed food
Accessories: Pressure gauge, Air shower, Pass box, Clean table

Hardwall clean booth, Modular hardwall cleanroom
The difference hardwall clean booth from softwall clean booth
Wall: Tempered glass or acrylic
Door: Aluminum alloy frame door or Stainless steel or PVC curtain
hardwall clean booth can make higher cleanliness level class 10 and class 100
Hardwall can work with some accessories such as air shower, pass box, pressure gauge and so on