softwall clean booth

Softwall clean booth is the easiest way to build a clean room

Softwall clean booth is a simple and fast design to achieve a cleanroom environment, it has a variety of cleanliness levels from class 10, class 100, class 1000, class 10000 to class 30,000.

Its size and shape can be designed and manufactured according to user demand. It is so easy to install and easy to use that make building a cleanroom become economic way and save time. All kinds of sizes and construction can be customized.


  • Cleanliness level from Class 10, to Class 30,000
  • Pre-build from factory
  • Easy installation within a day !!!
  • Economic, save your costs
  • 100% prefabricated
  • 100% customized


  • Aluminum alloy square tube 40*40mm
  • T-bar ceiling to hold fan filter unit on the top
  • Fan filter unit
  • HEPA H13, H14, U15 EN:1822
  • PVC curtain
  • Wheel
  • Screw
  • Fixed bar
  • Pressure gauge & control box
  • Cable and light
  • Air shower, pass thru, stainless steel cleanroom furniture

All the accessories can be prefabricated from the factory, and shipped to the users altogether comes with a drawing and assemble guidance.

softwall clean booth

If softwall clean booth reliable for purification?

Yes, it is 100% reliable. Maybe you will think that the design is very simple and even the space is not closed. you are worried that contamination will go into the clean booth. but that will definitely not happen. Because the FFU fan filter unit blow purified airflow into inside of softwall clean booth. the inside pressure is higher than outside, only airflow goes out and never goes inside. You can install a pressure gauge inside the booth, making sure the side pressure is higher than outside.

the FFU fan filter unit creates a 100% purified laminar airflow, the airflow moves from up to down and goes out through the PVC curtain. the moving laminar airflow makes sure working space is purified and away from any contamination.

Please email us, we will offer you a fast quotation for building a softwall clean booth, please info us size, cleanliness level and some other requirements, we will reply you within 24 hours.