Cleanroom HEPA filter

/ H13 HEPA FILTER 99.97% EN:1822

cleanroom HEPA filter mini pleated 99.97% - 99.995% H13 H14 EN1822

  • H13 99.97% @ 0.3um EN:1822 MPPS
  • H14 99.995% @ 0.3um EN:1822 MPPS
  • U15 99.9995% @ 0.12um EN:1822 MPPS
  • Mini pleated / laminar flow
  • Deep pleated / HEPA cassette
  • Glass fiber media
  • Metallic frame / wooden frame / plastic frame
  • All HEPA filter tested by MPPS or smoke
  • Standard 6inch / 12inch / 24inch / customized size
  • Painted metallic grille to protect filter media
  • for pharmaceutical, hospital, painting spray, lab cleanroom

/ With separator ( corrugated aluminum foil or corrugated kraft paper )

  • Standard HEPA filters with separator size: 24*24inch or 12*24inch
  • Galvanized steel, stainless steel 201, 304, 316L, Aluminium board
  • Frame design: DTF, Boxed, Single Flange, Double Flange
  • Gasket: Dovetail EVA rubber or seamless urethane

/ Without separator ( mini pleated design, laminar air flow )

  • Standard HEPA filter without separator size
  • Depth: 46mm, 50mm, 69mm, 75mm, 80mm, 96mm,100mm;
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Gasket:Dovetail EVA rubber or seamless urethane

/ Gel / Fluid Seal HEPA filters for Pharmaceutical

  • For some special application, for example pharmaceutical
  • Fluid seal can provide more better air seal than normal gasket
  • After solidification of liquid groove sealant, it is elastic colloid
  • which is specially used for sealing in high efficiency air filter
  • An airtight sealing effect can be formed in the aluminum groove

/ High temperature HEPA Filters

  • For some high temperature situation that need high level cleanliness environment, for example oven;
  • the High temperature HEPA filters is a choice
  • Difference: High temperature resistant red rubber gasket, high temperature resistant sealant glue and stainless steel frame
  • the maximum temperature is 250°C
  • We can offer 350-400℃ high temperature resistant HEPA filters for pharmaceutical high temp sterilization tunnel

/ HEPA filter for Fan Filter Unit FFU

  • Fan filter unit is the combination of fan and HEPA filter, fan can help air flow overcome the resistance of HEPA filters and pass through it
  • The fan and housing can be used for a long term and HEPA filter is replaceable

/ Disposable ceiling module with HEPA filter

  • HEPA filters with housing and air inlet connect to the ventilation, it`s very easy to install
  • Better choice for class 1000 or class 10000

/ Seamless Gasket to make sure not leakage

  • Seamless gasket HEPA filter can make sure 100% no leakage
  • It`s a better design than dovetailed EVA gasket
  • Any size HEPA filter can use seamless gasket