cleanroom HEPA filter

What is cleanroom HEPA filter?

Cleanroom HEPA filter can remove fine particles size small to 0.3 microns. it can create an ideal situation for modern industries. It can be used for pharmaceutical, medical, micron-electronics, food & beverage and so on. There are lots of different HEPA filter designs, here are some introductions of each design.

  • H13 99.97% @ 0.3um EN:1822 MPPS
  • H14 99.995% @ 0.3um EN:1822 MPPS
  • U15 99.9995% @ 0.12um EN:1822 MPPS
  • Mini pleated / laminar flow
  • Deep pleated / HEPA cassette
  • Glass fiber media
  • for pharmaceutical, hospital, painting spray, lab cleanroom
minipleat HEPA filter

Without separator

( mini pleated design, laminar air flow )


Cleanroom HEPA filter panels like mini pleat design, made of aluminum alloy frame and glass fiber filter media, the efficiency is H13 or H14. Those HEPA filter panels can be a replacement filter for FFU, clean booth, laminar flow hoods, air shower, pass boxes and so on.

It is mainly used to collect particulate dust above 0.3 microns and various suspended matter in the air. It can be used in the electronics industry, semiconductor industry, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, medical food, and other industries.

Mini pleat design can provide a large flow rate, large filter area. At the same time, it can be designed to be 100% waterproof. Its service life is longer. It can be used for 3 to 5 years. It is light in weight and small in size, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

100% factory inspection ensures no leakages.


  • Standard HEPA filter without separator size
  • Depth: 46mm, 50mm, 69mm, 75mm, 80mm, 96mm,100mm;
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Gasket:Dovetail EVA rubber or seamless urethane
  • Metallic frame / wooden frame / plastic frame
  • All HEPA filter tested by MPPS or smoke
  • Standard 6inch / 12inch / 24inch / customized size
  • Painted metallic grille to protect filter media

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HEPA Filter with Separator

Separated HEPA filter

( corrugated aluminum foil or corrugated kraft paper )


the separated HEPA filter is made of glass fiber and aluminum or paper separator. the separator helps to separate filter media and form a tunnel to let air flow pass through.

for normal temperature and try situations, the paper separator is available. for higher temperature and humidity situations, the aluminum separator is necessary.

the Separated HEPA filters are made of metal or MDF frame, EVA gasket on the downstream for best airtight. It can be used in turbulent airflow cleanroom.


  • Standard HEPA filters with separator size: 24*24inch or 12*24inch
  • Galvanized steel, stainless steel 201, 304, 316L, Aluminium board
  • Frame design: DTF, Boxed, Single Flange, Double Flange
  • Gasket: Dovetail EVA rubber or seamless urethane

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gel seal HEPA filters

Gel / Fluid Seal HEPA filters

for Pharmaceutical and medical


Gel type HEPA filter for cleanroom, it can achieve a perfect air-tight because of its gel-type sealing. This kind of HEPA filter design is normally used for most strict applications such as bio-laboratories, pharmaceutical, medical, etc. there are panel and flanged two different gel designed. It can be used as a replacement air filter for laminar flow cabinets, biosafety cabinets, disposable ceiling modules and so on.


  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Gel type sealing
  • Glassfiber
  • H13, H14, U15, U16 efficiency EN:1822
  • Painted metal mesh grille

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High Temp HEPA filters

High-temperature HEPA Filters


the high-temperature HEPA filter, with good heat resistant ability. For some high-temperature situation that needs a high-level cleanliness environment, for example, oven, pharmaceutical sterilizing tunnel, chemical, micron-wave.


  • Gasket: organic red silicon
  • Seal: organic red silicon
  • MAX temp: 250 centigrade
  • Frame material: SUS201 or 304
  • Filter media: glass fiber
  • Separator: aluminum

the maximum temperature is 250°C, also We can offer 350-400°C high-temperature resistant HEPA filters for pharmaceutical high temp sterilization tunnels.

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HEPA filter for Fan Filter Units

Fan powered HEPA filter

Fan Filter Unit FFU


The fan filter unit is a combination of fan and HEPA filter, the fan can help airflow overcome the resistance of HEPA filters and pass through it.

The fan and housing can be used for the long term and the HEPA filter is replaceable.


  • Housing: Galvanized / SUS #201 or 304
  • HEPA filter: mini pleat H13, H14
  • Input: 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
  • Control: centralized or individual
  • Cleanliness level: class 100

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disposable HEPA air diffusers

Disposable ceiling module with HEPA filter


the disposable ceiling module is made of metal housing and glass fiber filter media, it has an air inlet collar to connect with the duct, and also has an air outlet diffuser to provide airflow to the cleanroom. this is a module cleanroom HEPA filter that is very easy to install. there are disposable and replaceable designs for different applications.

  • HEPA filters with housing and air inlet connect to the ventilation, it`s very easy to install
  • A better choice for class 1000 or class 10000
  • Round or square/rectangular air inlet collar
  • Event airflow from the diffuser
  • Customized sizes available
  • With a heat insulation layer available
  • Standard sizes like 24*24 inch and 24*48 inch
  • Thickness 150mm or customized

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seamless gasket HEPA filter

Seamless Gasket to make sure no leakage


the seamless urethane gasket HEPA filter offers a better airtight for cleanroom air purification, the gasket is a 100% closed circle, with no seam.

for other specifications, it is almost the same as the first introduction on this page, it is also used for laminar flow. filter thickness between 45mm to 150mm.

  • The seamless gasket HEPA filter can make sure 100% no leakage
  • It`s a better design than the dovetailed EVA gasket
  • Any size HEPA filter can use a seamless gasket
  • Glassfiber filter media
  • Efficiency from H10 to U16 EN:1822
  • Customized size available
  • OEM Available
  • 100% tested before leave factory

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high volume hepa filter for clean room

High volume HEPA for clean room


the high volume HEPA filter offers a very large airflow rate for clean room air purification, comparing with some normal designs, the airflow is double if the size is the same. Also, it offers a lower resistance that helps to reduce electricity costs for ventilation blower.

there are 2V, 3V, 4V, 5V, 6V construction for different airflow rates. the V shape design helps increase air filter area, thus helping enlarge airflow rate and dust-holding ability.

It can be designed to box or flagged according to installation requirements.

  • Large airflow rate
  • Less resistance
  • Multi-V shape
  • Large dust holding ability
  • Terminal HEPA filter for clean room purification
  • Size 24*24*12 inch and so on

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