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Static & Dynamic Pass Box manufacturer and supplier, China factory


EAWAY is the manufacturer for cleanroom equipment, Here below is some basic information for dynamic and static cleanroom pass box;

Pass box are designed for cleanroom to trans objects and small items;

By using the pass box and minimum air pollution in cleanroom;



  1. Customized size
  2. Multiply material, powder coated steel, SUS 201 / 304 /316L
  3. Static or dynamic design
  4. Pressure gauge or HEPA filter
  5. Alarm and phone, emergency lighting
  6. Mechanical or Electronic magnetic interlock
  7. Multiply Unit design

Dynamic Pass Box

Dynamic pass box is an auxiliary equipment for cleanroom, mainly be used in the medium area between clean area to uncleaned area, it is a tunnel to pass small item. By applying the dynamic pass box can reduce the use frequency of air shower and cleanroom door and minimum the pollution of cleanroom.

There are ultraviolet sterilized light, the item pass by the UV light and be sterilized;

Also, there are air shower on the top, to remove dust from the surface of item.


Dynamic pass box is a gate that prevent higher pressure air in cleanroom from being flow to uncleaned area, also it`s a self-cleaner that make sure every item go into the cleanroom is cleaned.



  1. Pressure gauge
  2. Centralized control panel
  3. Double layer tempered glass door ( magnetic interlock )
  4. Stainless steel door handle
  5. DOP test port
  6. Back centrifugal fan
  7. PAO insert port
  8. Sel seal HEPA filter
  9. UV sterilizer light
  10. Return air inlet

Basic requirements for operating environment

  1. Outside environment for dynamic pass box: cleanliness level A;
  2. Double layer housing, circular smoothing treatment and no seam connection;
  3. Laminar air flow in the box, air flow from up ceiling to down and airflow return to top through punching design stainless steel 304 floor and then through the side tunnel; Another reinforced bar to enhance the body.
  4. Air filters: Primary air filter efficiency G4 pleated design, HEPA filters H14 EN:1822 99.99% @ 0.3um;
  5. Air flow rate: air flow out from HEPA filter velocity 0.36-0.54m/s ( 150mm down below diffuser plate );
  6. Pressure gauge: to monitor and display pressure gauge ( HEPA filters 0-500Pa, Medium Filter 0-250Pa), accuracy±5Pa;
  7. Control: Motor fan on / off button, inside is magnetic interlock door, extra button for ultraviolet light;
  8. Maintain window on the bottom of dynamic pass box, easy to maintain and fix, and replace filters;
  9. Noise: the noise <65db if run normally;
  10. Stainless steel 304 diffuser plate;

Static Pass box

Static pass box is a simple design that without air shower; it is the window between two cleanroom; If two cleanroom is same cleanliness level;

Or it can be used in Class 1000, 10,000 or other lower standard cleanroom;

Description for static pass box:

  1. Tempered glass window
  2. stainless steel handler
  3. Mechanical or magnetic electronic interlock
  4. Door
  5. Hinge

Optional accessories for static pass box:

  1. Phone
  2. Stainless steel body
  3. UV lighting
  4. Roller on the surface of platform