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EAWAYFILTER is the manufacturer of cleanroom equipment, here below is some basic information for dynamic and static cleanroom pass boxes; It is a device for trans objects and small items thus reducing the use frequency of air shower doors. This can reduce the cross-contamination of clean room, and maintain the cleanliness level. By using it can minimum air pollution in the cleanroom;

There are two different designs

  • Static pass box— means no HEPA filter, the blower inside, normally trans items from clean room to normal workshop.
  • Dynamic pass box — means there are HEPA filters and blower, nozzles inside to help remove the dust on the surface of trans items. Applied for trans items from non-clean area to clean room.

There are two different door interlock

  • Mechanical interlock — mechanical principles and suitable mechanical construction, two doors cannot be opened at the same time.
  • Electromagnetic interlock — electrical control magnets control locker ensure two doors can not be opened at the same time.

Why need interlock doors?

the interlocking door ensure two doors of the pass box cannot be opened at the same time, this ensures not contamination goes into clean room by human error ( Forgot to close door ).

Dynamic Pass Box

This is the auxiliary equipment for cleanroom, mainly be used in the medium area between clean area to uncleaned area, it is a tunnel to pass the small item. By applying for the dynamic pass box can reduce the use frequency of air shower and cleanroom door and minimum the pollution of cleanroom.

  • There is ultraviolet sterilized light, the item pass by the UV light and be sterilized;
  • Equipped with blower, HEPA and stainless steel nozzle, to remove dust from the surface of trans item.
  • Dynamic pass box is a gate that prevent higher pressure air in cleanroom from being flow to uncleaned area, also it`s a self-cleaner that make sure every item go into the cleanroom is cleaned.

Static Pass box

A simple design that without air shower; it is the window between two cleanroom; If two cleanroom is same cleanliness level;

Or it can be used in Class 1000, 10,000 or other lower standard cleanroom;

Static pass box
stainless stee pass box
SUS pass box
clean room pass box
dynamic pass box
air shower pass box
Air shower pass box
DIY pass box with roller
Pass box with roller
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