Custom air filter for AHU air handling unit

Why do we offer a Custom air filter for AHU air handling unit? Based on our many years of experience in this industry, the air filters used in some air handling units are not standard specifications for several reasons.

  • First, your ventilation system supplier doesn’t provide you with a standard size filter; so you’ll have to go back to him to buy a replacement filter if you need it, but they’ll increase the selling price for that.
  • Second, due to special reasons, such as the requirements for ventilation volume or the limitation of installation size, a special size air handling unit must be used, which also brings a special size high-efficiency filter.
  • In this case, we can provide customized services for these special-sized high-efficiency filters. Unlike other distributors or agents, as a manufacturer, we can customize according to the customer’s size, which is very convenient. Customers at the same time reduce costs for customers.

Some information to us when inquiring about custom air filter

  • Regarding the custom air filter used by the air handling unit, there are several key information that you need to provide when you consult us.
  • First, you need to provide the dimensions of the filter, you can find these messages on the label of the filter, or you can measure it yourself, which includes the length, width, and height of the filter element.
  • Second, you need to provide the efficiency of the filter, you can consult your supplier or find this information on the label.
  • Third, provide the design air volume and running resistance of your air handling unit, and we will design the most suitable type for you.