How to make a custom cylinder HEPA filter?

The custom cylinder HEPA filter is composed of two end caps and an intermediate filter material, which can be used in air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, dust removal equipment, medical equipment, and other industrial or civil equipment. Different from the traditional regular rectangular filter, the cylindrical filter needs to consider how to design the end caps at both ends. We can find suitable ones with abundant production resources or similar sizes. If not, 3D printing is required to make the two end caps in the initial design, and our design team can design the 3D printed model by ourselves. After the end cap is designed by 3D printing, we design the prototype and sample of the product for you as a test. When the test is successful, you can use metal or plastic mold to make the end cap for mass production.

The filter element in the middle of the custom cylinder HEPA filter is a folded PTFE material, and its design efficiency can be F8 to H13, H14. The smallest diameter is 10cm, while the largest diameter can reach 1m, and the height ranges from 10cm to 2m. The filter element and the end cap are connected with a special glue so that it is in a perfect sealing state. A sealing strip can be attached to the end cap to improve the sealing effect.

Cylinder HEPA filter for air purifier
custom Cylinder HEPA

How soon can samples be made?

Usually the production lead time of the sample is about 15 days, we need a week to produce the end cap made by 3D printing, and then a week to produce the finished product. Using 3D printing to make samples, the price is about 50~100 US dollars. The 3D printed samples are almost indistinguishable from the final product when the final design is a plastic end cap. If the final design is metal, there will be some minor differences but will not affect filter testing.

About the mold

According to the size of the mold, the time required to make the mold is about 15 to 20 days. The cost of the mold is 1000~3000 US dollars, it depends on the size and design shape of the final product. Have to use a mold?  This is NO!, because we have accumulated many different sizes of molds in the long-term production, and if your size is consistent with our existing molds, then you do not need to pay extra for the molds, if the size is similar, maybe you can try to use it. Welcome to consult our product sales managers, who will provide you with the best solution.

Can I order a small amount? Like only a few dozen.

This is also possible. It is not a problem if we have an end cap of the right size. If there is no suitable end cap, we can also try to use 3D printing to make some. Although the price will be a little bit high, we will do our best to communicate with the 3D printing service providers to reduce the unit price of the product.

Improve the overall strength and reliability of the filter

For some applications that require a tighter connection, it is necessary to use a metal mesh to be placed inside and outside the custom cylinder HEPA filter, which will improve the strength of the entire cylindrical filter, and the filter element and end cap are connected with special polyurethane glue. For some large size filters, the material plate sheet thickness of the galvanized iron end cap can be designed between 0.8~1mm to make it have more reliable strength. According to the designed air flow rate and resistance requirements, we choose the appropriate filter material and filter area to achieve a more balanced state of air flow rate and resistance.

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