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Get custom HEPA filter for your project

Custom HEPA filter for 3D printer, air purifier, fresh air system, and HVAC unit. the size and efficiency are customized according to clients’ specifications.

We are a professional manufacturer of this, with more than 10 years’ experience we can totally understand what you really need. We accept OEM and small MOQ. that is very helpful for your current project.

You can give us your design from 3D drawing, or 2D CAD drawing, if you don`t have that we can design that for you to make sure every detail are correct.

custom true HEPA filter
Mini pleat material

The mini pleat synthetic fiber helps create more filter area to increase airflow rate and CADR value, also increase the dust holding ability. Normally, there are 27 peaks per 100mm and filter supported by hot-melt glue.

Paper frame and gasket

The paper frame makes it easy to any size possibility.

A mark or LOGO, contact information printed on the cardboard frame.

Cardboard frame can be treated with water-proof vinly for durable usage. Also can be customized into any color.

With a closed sponge gasket on the sides, for better air-tight.

More options

HEPA filter with anti-bacterial layer
HEPA filter with anti-bacterial layer

As you can see in the picture, there is a blue layer on the air inlet side, this material is immersed in an antibacterial liquid, which has an antibacterial ability. Also, this used as pre filter to enlarge HEPA filter service life.

carbon HEPA filter
Activated HEPA

the filter media combined with activated carbon particle inside, with both remove dust and remove odor function. the carbon inside the material so you won`t see real carbon particles outside.

Activated carbon filter
Activated carbon in honeycomb

Activated carbon particles in honeycomb, the filter can remove strange odor, smoke and some poisonous gases. A HEPA layer and carbon layer combined for multi-function.

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Please info us air filter design, quantity, efficiency, size and so on, we will reply you within 24 hours!