Custom around HEPA filter / activated carbon filter

Custom round HEPA filter

this custom HEPA filter is quite small, size about 7-10 centimeter. thickness 15mm. Our clients required H13 99.9% efficiency to remove fine dust for their equipment.

Considering the size is round, it is hard to use a cardboard frame, we make a moulded plastic frame to install the filter media.

the filter media sealed with hot-melt gule with the plastic frame make sure no leakage.

Custom round carbon filter

The carbon filter size is same as the HEPA one. actived carbon particles installed in the honeycomb, covered by mesh on two sides ensure that the carbon particle won`t drop out.

the activated carbon particles can remove odor and some other poisonous gases in the air.

More features

with an anti-bacteria layer

the true HEPA filter combined with an anti-bacteria layer on the back side, which also called air outlet side.

this is a non-woven material also used as medical mask, it has a good efficiency capture bacteria and viruses. this non-woven layer built with anti-bacteria solution side which can kill most of the common bacteria in our daily life.

with sponge pre filter

In order to increase the round true HEPA filter service life, we add a round pre filter before HEPA.

the pre filter can capture large dust, far in the airflow. thus reduce the burden of HEPA filter.

Sponge material can be washed, this is a washable filter so clients can wash it every 1-2 months.

Vacuum round HEPA filter

We also make the round HEPA filter for vacuum application. This is alos plastic frame and synthetic fiber filter media. the frame color is customized, any color is available.

To make this kind of filter, we will make a drawing for you make sure everything is clear, to help you confirm details. Most of those filters are need moulded plastic frame. Before making the plastic mould, we can do some samples and using 3D printer to make sample frames.


  1. HEPA filter for vaccum;
  2. Plastic frame, any size, shape, color available;
  3. OEM, LOGO printing;
  4. 3D printer to make plastic frame for samples;
  5. Drawings for you confirmation about the details;

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