The custom air filter is very common in the market

You may be looking for some custom air filter manufacturers because the only items you can buy are standard or fixed-size air filters, which are not well installed in your products or equipment.

This is a very common phenomenon when air filters are a common product. To solve these problems, some manufacturers have come to specialize in custom air filters, but this is only a small part of the larger air filtration industry.

Many manufacturers are reluctant to produce custom filters mainly because it takes additional time and cost control, and may require additional design, raw materials, and so on. They prefer to produce a fixed size, which makes the whole process much simpler.

We specialize in custom air filter

Eawayfilter is a manufacturer specializing in custom air filters. We have designed many different types of air filters. There are many different raw materials in stock in our factory which makes customization very simple for us. We supply all kinds of air filters for air purifiers, 3D printers, fresh air systems, cleanrooms, air handling units, high-temperature ovens, HVAC, cleanrooms, air handling units, and so on. Our air filters can be used for pharmaceutical, medical, house chemical and so on.

How to start?

  • Confirm the size and shape
  • Confirm the efficiency
  • Material choose
  • What is the application
  • Need to know the demand quantity to get price
  • Other services

custom air filter manufacturer

Confirm the size and shape

Rectangular, Round and Cylindrical are some of the most popular custom air filter designs on the market. First of all, it is necessary to determine the size requirements of each customization, which will affect the final price of the finished product, the production size limit of the machine, the choice of materials and so on. If need some other different shape that is also available such as trapezoids, triangles, etc.

Confirm the efficiency

  • Pre-efficiency —- The most basic filtering efficiency, filtering dust, hair, leaves, stones, etc. From Merv 5 to Merv 8
  • Fine efficiency —- Medium filtering effect, filtering smaller dust in the air, suitable for some ventilation systems, electromechanical systems, and equipment, from Merv9 to Merv13
  • HEPA efficiency —- The most stringent filtration, filtration of air larger than 0.3 microns, applicable to some precision equipment, clean rooms, medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and so on

Our factory is located in Changsha Hunan China, we have more than 12 years of history in making air filters. we can build air filters according to your specifications. We don`t require a big quantity, a small MOQ is available and we can finish your order within a short time.

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