Can I Cut an Air Filter to Fit?

How To get a cut fit air filter

Have you ever considered using a cut fit air filter, which means you buy a filter pack (as shown on the right) and cut it to the size. You can buy a larger type filter pack than your required size (longer, wider), of course, you need to consider the thickness, if you buy a thiner pack you won’t be able to cut it to the thickness you need.

Is it difficult to cut?

No, cutting is very simple. First, you need to use a ruler and pen to draw the part that needs to be cut, and then use an ordinary utility knife to cut it out. The filter material is very soft, and you only need to lightly scratch it. can cut the material. What you need to consider is cutting as perfectly straight as possible.

How do I package it into a filter after cutting it?

If you need a HEPA wrapped in a paper box, this kind of HEPA is commonly found in household air purifiers and other small air purification equipment. Then you just need to simply make a paper frame and wrap the HEPA filter media pack.

Normally, the black cardboard is used with a weight of 400-500g per square meter. Then use a ruler or other tools to accurately cut out the paper frame. You need to consider the thickness of the paper frame, so the filter pack may need to be 1mm less than the final thickness, and the length and width also need to be 1-2mm less.
Use hot glue to attach the paper frame and filter pack together.
Finally, use a sponge to stick to the side of the outer frame to form a sealing strip.

cut fit air filter HEPA pack

Only paper frames can do cut-fit

There are lots of different designs of air filters in the market, some with metal frames, and some with plastic frames.

If you want to do cut fit air filter, only the paper frame is your best choice. Cause paper is very easy to cut.

But I am not saying the metal and plastic frame is absolutely impossible, if you are good at metal plate bending and you can use a 3D printer to make a plastic frame, that is also available.

If you don`t want to do too many cut-fit air filters, you can find an air filter manufacturer who can do custom-size air filters, that will be much easier and the price is good.