DIY Air purifier with PC fan

A simple DIY air purifier has become very popular in the past two years. It can not only achieve the effect of most air purifiers on the market but can even be better. Of course, the most important thing is that its price can be controlled within $100. We introduce it below and why it is worth your while.

If you are considering buying an air purifier, the price on the market is about US$300 or more, and some may even cost more than US$1,000. Therefore, some people have come up with some very interesting DIY designs to save costs and purify the air at the same time.

This is a simple device composed of 4 HEPA filters and a set of PC fans. It can be assembled using ordinary glue and takes no more than an hour. 4 HEPA filters form a cube, and then the top is a combination of PC fans, and the bottom can be closed with cardboard. When the PC fan is working, the wind will be sucked in from the outside to the inside from the four HEPAs, then the air will be purified, and finally, the air will be discharged from the top of the PC fan.

Here we can do

  • Offer all materials for making a DIY air purifier such as HEPA filters, fans, boxes, tapes, and controllers.
  • Our price is very good, that really helps you save cost.
  • True HEPA filter that really removes 99.9% of 0.3-micron dust.
  • We not only standard sizes, we offer customized items.

Why does it purify the air?

First of all, what you need to know is that the principle of any air purifier is that the fan draws air through HEPA, and then HEPA filters out the dust in the air. So as long as you have these two key accessories, a simple DIY air purifier can be achieved.

Purifiers on the market will add additional display screens, pressure detection, and other accessories, and of course the mold costs for the outer frame and product research and development costs. These are added as costs to the selling price of the product. If you want to achieve simple air purification, you don’t need these additional costs. This is the meaning of DIY.

It’s even better than a formal air purifier

Through a large amount of user feedback and experience in the purification industry, we can responsibly affirm that most DIY air purifiers (if they follow our design) can provide better filtration effects than formal air purifiers on the market.

Why? First of all, it has 4 HEPA filters instead of one. Most of the purifiers you purchased before only provide one filter. However, the HEPA filter has resistance, but more filters will reduce the overall resistance. In other words, with the same fan action, the DIY air purifier can purify more air and is suitable for larger rooms.

At the same time, it is also because there are 4 HEPA filters, which means longer working time and the ability to collect more dust. So you don’t need to replace HEPA frequently. If you used to replace it once every six months, now you need to replace it every 1-2 years.

Price list

Final Size (cm)14x14x1626x26x3826x38x3826x50x5038x38x5038x50x50
Fan Size (cm)12x12X2.512x12X2.512x12X2.512x12X2.512x12X2.512x12X2.5
Fan QTY1468912
Airflow rate200m3/h720m3/h1000m3/h1300m3/h1500m3/h1700m3/h
Noise (DB)404550556065
HEPA size (mm)135x120x20-4PCS355x235x25-4PCS355x355x25-2PCS
HEPA efficiencyH13 99.97%H13 99.97%H13 99.97%H13 99.97%H13 99.97%H13 99.97%
Package size (cm)16x14x1645x28x1845x40x1857x52x1857x40x1857x52x18
Product price ($)16 45 74 94 100 124 
Shipping cost via air ($)29 50 60 94 71 94 
Final Price ($)45 95 134 188 171 218 
*We can offer sea shipping service, it takes 30 days, the shipping cost will be much better.
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