Cleanroom Emergency shower eyewash manufacturer and supplier in China

Instructions for Emergency shower eyewash:

1. The water inlet

2.6610 compound emergency flushing eye cleaner

3. Manual pressure regulating switch

4.PVC anti-static curtain

5. water Outlet

6. The chassis

7. Spray nozzle

8. Hand-pull sprinkler switch

9. Basin for washing eyes.

10. water leaking hole

Features of Emergency shower eyewash:

1. Used for cleaning eyes, face, hands and other parts

2. quickly water spray out within 1 second

3. Shower nozzle: 120–180 liters/min, eye washer nozzle: 12 liters/min

4. Good oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt solution and other properties

5. Suitable for installation in the purification workshop of the electronics industry and the place that requiring centralized sewage treatment.

6. There are sprinkler heads and eyewash sprinkler heads in the shower room, and there are water collecting plates and sewage discharge ports at the bottom.

7. ABS /304 stainless steel is adopted for sprinkler head, with built-in stainless steel filter screen to filter impurities in water.

8. The height of the eye basin is suitable, and the hole height and Angle are designed in accordance with the facial proportion. The water discharge design of the double water hole conforms to the ergonomic principle.

9. tenderly water flow, so as not to damage the the eyes.

10. The main material is stainless steel 304 with bright yellow ABS coating, and the coating thickness is 3mm (including vertical curtain and water plate). The pedal is made of carbon steel.Simple operation, high strength, strong structure