What is Explosion-proof air shower
Explosion-proof air shower

Explosion-proof air shower is a kind of cleaning equipment specially designed for flammable and explosive environment, which is mainly used for dust removal and explosion-proof when people or goods enter and leave the clean room.

Explosion-proof air shower is different from ordinary air shower in design and function. Its main feature is that it is equipped with explosion-proof equipment such as explosion-proof centrifugal fan and explosion-proof lamps and lanterns.

This kind of air shower is usually installed between the clean room and the non-clean room as a necessary channel to effectively remove dust and prevent cross-contamination, while having explosion-proof performance.

Explosion-proof air showers are widely used in demanding industries such as electronics, precision instruments, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, especially in workshops where there are flammable gases or flammable products in petroleum and chemical systems.