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hardwall cleanroom builder and manufacturer in China

  • The hardwall cleanroom is a simple design cleanroom that can be quickly built in a very short time
  • Compared to the traditional cleanroom, its price is cheaper and air purify performance is good
  • The hardwall cleanroom made of aluminum alloy square tube as the frame, and tempered glass or acrylic board as the wall
  • The cleanliness level can meet the standard cleanroom requirements
  • Its size can be customized and can be placed at a specific location
  • It can also be removed and reinstalled in another location
  • Generally can reach the ISO5 – Class100 level, ISO6 – Class 1000 level standard. Widely used in the spray industry, cosmetics, health care, food, machinery and so on
  • EAWAYFILTER can design a hard wall cleanroom according to customer requirements, then select the material and cut it to a specific size. Provide customers with installation instructions and video tutorials, and then customers build them in their own workshops

/ Hardwall Cleanroom Features

  • Can be built quickly
  • Meet ISO5 -Class100 level, ISO6 – Class 1000requirements
  • Provide 3D design drawings
  • Provide professional installation instructions
  • The price is much cheaper than the traditional cleanroom

/ The Raw Material List

  • Aluminum alloy square tube, generally 40*40mm size, the length can be cut into custom size, aluminum alloy square tubeis fixed by screws, can be disassembled and reinstalled; aluminum alloy square tubehas corrosion resistance, clean surface, don`t create dust and other pollution. The characteristics of the pollutants are very convenient to clean at the same time.
  • Tempered glass or acrylic sheet, cut to the characteristic size according to the design. It can be fixed on the frame made of aluminum alloy square tubewith screws, whichare used as a partition between the inside of the hard wall cleanroom and the outside. Prevent external sources of pollution from entering the clean area.
  • FFU, fan filter unit is the key equipment to produce clean laminar airflow. It is placed on top of the cleanroomand the HEPA filter removes most of the dust particles from the air. The resulting clean air flows slowly from the top to the bottom and then escapes fromthe surrounding gap and the bottom gap. The layout and number of FFUs depend on the level requirements of the hard wall cleanroom. Normally, if it is a ISO5 class 100 cleanroom, you need to cover the entire top space. If it is ISO6-class 1000 or lower, you need to confirm the number of air changes, and determine the number of FFUs by the number of air changes.
  • For example, if you build a 10m*10m*2.5m ISO6-class1000 cleanroom, a class1000 cleanroom requires 150-240 air changes per hour. We choose 200 intermediate values ​​as the standard; then it means air change flow is 200 times of the room volume. 200*10*10*2.5m=50,000 cubic meters. A single standard FFU air volume is 2000 cubic meters per hour. So it`s requires 50000/2000 = 25 units FFU.

/ Confirm Air Change Rate ( How many FFU should be used ? )

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  • the red part is room size, if air change rate is 200times per hour
  • it means FFU need to blow 200times of room volume per hour


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/ Why A Hard Wall Cleanroom Meet The Cleanliness Requirements?

  • First of all, the hard wall cleanroom will continuously generate clean air flow through the FFU, and these clean air flows from top to bottom. These laminar clean air streams create a clean working environment. Because the FFU continuously generates airflow, the pressure inside the room is higher than the external pressure, usually 8-12 Pascals or more, so that only the clean air inside room flow into the outside and outside non-clean air never flowing into the interior.
  • This design prevents internal contamination. Therefore, as long as there is no particularly large opening, the outside non-clean air flow hardly enters the interior. In the high-level cleanroom, if the personnel and materials are frequently in and out, pass box and air shower are required, which can reduce the frequency of door opened and closed.
  • As a substitute for the traditional cleanroom, the hard wall cleanroom can meet most of the purification level requirements, and the cost is cheaper, the construction time is short, and easy usage.
  • Widely used in the medical industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, spraying industry and so on. In the design process, as a professional cleanroom manufacturer, we can provide customers with 3D design drawings as well as a list of commonly used raw materials.
  • We prepare raw materials for customers and cut them into specific sizes. Customers only need to assemble it according to the drawings.