HEPA filter cassette deep pleat design, thickness 6 or 12 inches

HEPA filter cassette is the most popular design in the market, the HEPA filter made of super fine glassfiber filter media and metal or wooden framed. the air filtration efficiency is H13 H14, U15 and so on.

As a manufacturer for HEPA filter, we provide this size 24x24x12 and 6, also with other sizes in a very low MOQ, sometimes you can only buy one. That means you buy one units with the best factory directy price.

  • Housing: metal or wooden
  • MAX temp: 80 °C / 176°F
  • Sealant: polyurethane
  • Gasket: neoprene
  • Separator: paper / aluminum foil corrugated
  • Frame design: DTF / Boxed / Double flanged / Single flanged /
  • H13 99.97@ 0.3 micron
  • H14 99.995% @ 0.3 micron

Do you want to save cost?

For most of our clients if they buy some of the HEPA filter cassette from us, they will save some cost. the HEPA filters we selling are from factory directly and price is very good. You will very satisfied with our price if you read our price list below.

We ship the HEPA filter cassette to you directly

What you need to consider is the price we provided are EXW terms, that means you need to handle customs fee and shipping cost. Well, as the development of logistical these year. the shipping cost is not a problem at all. And, we can handle everything as well as customs.

Test Each HEPA filter to ensure no leakage

Don`t worry about the quality of our HEPA filters, We test every HEPA filters in our factory. Every items comes with a test report to show the efficiency and pressure drop. What you will receive is a wonderful HEPA filters with perfect air filtration performance.

Can we do other sizes besides 24x24x12/6 inch?

Of course, the answer is YES!

We can do many other common sizes in the markets, also, if your size is very different, we can make custom sized HEPA filter for you.

Typical Application

Mushroom Cultivation / Laminar flow hoods

In industries such as pharma, painting, micron-electronics and so on. the HEPA filter cassette size 24x24x12 and 6 inch is very popular. Also, someone uses this filter to build a laminar flow hood for their mushroom cultivation. The efficiency of removing 99.9% of the dust and bacteria can ensure good results in mycology status.

Why this can help for mycology?

HEPA filter cassette have at least 99.9% filtration capacity for particles larger than 0.3 microns, which means that all pollutants larger than this diameter will be removed. For mushroom cultivation, bacteria and fungi are suspended in the air. We use this filter and a fan to make a laminar flow hood, which can create high-clean airflow to remove suspended fungi. This resulted in successful mushroom inoculation.

Pharma / Painting and so on

In addition to mycology applications, these filters will also be used in many other industrial and commercial areas. We have to admit that HEPA filter cassette plays a very important role in the modern development of industry.

Construction design

Aluminum separator or paper separator

because the is used in normal temperature, it is not necessary to consider the use condition in high-temperature environments. We usually have two designs of separator paper.

Aluminum separators are more durable and resistant to corrosion and moisture, but the cost is relatively higher.

On the other hand, The price of paper separators is relatively cheap. While, it can not be used in humid environments, and it may become a breeding ground for microorganisms, so in the case of considering the cost, special attention should be paid to the use scenario of the filter.

We recommend using paper separators in dry conditions so that the performance of the filter is not affected in any way.

A faceguard of the filter

Cause the filter media glass fiber is quite fragile, any mistake handling will cause damage to the media. to protect the filter media we recommend adding a faceguard on both sides.

the faceguard is metal or powder coated, which is quite strong and can protect filter media well.

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