What HEPA filter we can make?

Eawayfilter is a manufacturer of HEPA filters with more than 20 years of history, we have a lot of experience in making OEM/ODM HEPA filters for our clients.

We make almost every design & construction HEPA filter in the market, no matter for industrial or for house and commercial.

We can produce HEPA filters for clean rooms, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, pharmaceuticals, medicals, laboratories and other industries, as well as some special equipment.

Moreover, we have professional testing equipment that can be used to detect the air volume and resistance of the HEPA filter. This makes it easier for you to develop and design a filter up front. At the same time, our technical staff will also assist you with the project.

Our design

The HEPA filter is a very common product, for residential and for industrial applications, it can remove dust sizes over 0.3 microns with good efficiency. Most of the HEPA filters are made of glass fiber or PTFE media, metal, molded plastic or cardboard frame, the HEPA filter can be designed to be a square, rectangular, round, cylinder and some other shape. the size of the HEPA filter can be small as 80mm and large as 2m etc.

Qualified air-tight

For a qualified HEPA filter, the important basis for verifying its qualification is whether it achieves a good seal. The HEPA filters we produced are made with a perfect glue seal, and the use of polyurethane glue can achieve the best air-tight between filter material and frame. All HEPA filters should be tested before they leave the factory and should be tested before their application.

Available design range

EfficiencyH13 – 99.97%, H14 – 99.99%,U15 – 99.999%(MPPS)
DesignMinipleat or deep pleat
TemperatureRoom temp or 250C, 350-400C High temp
FrameMetal or cardboard, plastic
ShapeSquare, Rectangular, Round, Cylinder, other shapes
Filter mediaGlassfiber or PTFE
Thickness range80mm to 150mm ( Minipleat ) / 80mm to 300mm ( Deep pleated )
Length range80mm to 2m
Width range80mm to 2m

What type of clients do we serve?

Whether you are a company or an individual, we will provide you with the best solution, no matter the quantity. Through years of experience in production and sales, we have found that our customers are mainly concentrated in these areas.

  1. Pharmaceutical companies.
  2. The medical industry, such as medical products and service providers.
  3. Air filter dealer.
  4. Companies need to procure custom filters for their own equipment.
  5. Difficult to find the right filter size locally.
  6. Some individuals require HEPA filters for their mushroom cultivation, etc.

Won’t take a long time

Our company has many years of production experience and can easily control the production of various types of HEPA filters. At the same time, our factory is located in the area of HEPA filter raw materials which means we can collect enough raw materials in a short time.

At present, the company has more than 100 employees and many automated production equipment, which allows us to obtain more robust and faster production capacity.

Basic lead time

  1. Less 50PCS — 7 days
  2. 51-100PCS — 10 days
  3. Over 100PCS — 15 days
  4. Molded process for OEM — 30 days

Contact us

Please info us of HEPA filter design, quantity, efficiency, size and so on, we will reply to you within 24 hours!