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HEPA filter is a very common product for cleanroom, for residential and for industrial applications, it can remove dust size over 0.3 microns with good efficiency. Most of the HEPA filters are made of glass fiber media, metal or plastic or wooden frame, sealed by glue and gasket. It should be replaced every 2-3 years if it`s for industrial and cleanroom application. All HEPA filter should be tested before they leave factory and should be tested before its application. At the present, there are two most common design HEPA filter, laminar flow mini pleated HEPA filter and separator HEPA filter.

/ Laminar Flow HEPA filters H13, H14 En:1822

Laminar HEPA filters H13 H14 99.97% 99.99% manufacturer & supplier in China
Application: terminal HVAC system of cleanroom, replacement for FFU, and other cleanroom equipment;
Mainly applied in electronics, semi-conduct, pharmaceutical, food industries and so on;
Construction features

  • Frame: aluminum alloy
  • Filter material: fine micron glass fiber
  • Sealant: polyurethane
  • Separator: hot melt
  • Grille: metal mesh powder coated white color
  • Gasket: dovetail EVA rubber or Seamless urethane
  • Working temperature: ≤70℃
  • Working humidity: ≤99%
  • Efficiency: H13 – 99.97%, H14 – 99.99%,U15 – 99.999%(MPPS)


Mini pleated design to maximum the filter area
Seamless urethane gasket to make sure no air leakage
Standard size and customized size available
HV company glass fiber material
Filter thickness: 46mm, 50mm, 69mm, 80mm, 96mm, 100mm and so on

Separator HEPA filters

Separator HEPA filters 99.97% – 99.99% – 99.999%
Mostly be applied in micron electronics, semi conductor, fine mechanical, pharmaceutical, hospital, food process industries that need high level of cleanroom standard.
Frame: aluminum board, stainless steel 304/201/316/316L, coated aluminum zinc board, particle board, aluminum alloy;
Filter material: fine glass fiber
Sealant: polyurethane
Separator: corrugated aluminum foil or kraft paper corrugated
Gasket: EVA dovetailed, seamless urethane
Working temperature:-20~80℃
Working humidity: aluminum separator≤99%, paper separator≤82%