High-temperature Flexible Ducting Made of Silicone Glass fiber Cloth

The High-Temperature Flexible Ducting we produce is welded with no pipe breakage, made of silicone glass fiber cloth. And the seams are firm and will not fall off. The fiberglass cloth is a high-toughness encrypted electronic fiberglass cloth, which is very strong and not easy to break. It also has good stretchability.

There is a skeleton on the outside to better fix the internal steel wire and fiberglass materials, so it is more wear-resistant. Pipes with a maximum diameter of 1500mm can be produced. The standard length is 10m and can be customized between 1 and 10 meters. The directness of the pipeline can also be customized.

What we can do for you

  • Standard and custom size
  • High-temperature 250-450-600-800C
  • Environment-friendly material
  • Fast delivery
  • Best competitive price

High Temperature Flexible Ducting
MAX temp-60℃~+280℃-10℃~+450℃-10℃~+600℃-10℃~+800℃
Shrinkage ratio9:102:102:102:10
Pressure MAX350mmWG250mmWG
Airflow speed30m/s25m/s25m/s25m/s
MaterialFlame-retardant fiberglass silicone base cloth, thickened high-tension spring steel wireFlame-retardant silicone fiberglass cloth, high-tension spring steel wire, low-stress iron clamp frame
* Customized size is available


High-temperature Flexible Ducting is often used in hot and cold air circulation conveying systems, such as pellet dryers in the plastics industry, printing machinery, hot air blowers, and compressors, as well as exhaust gas emissions, car engine heating, train hot air circulation systems, etc.

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