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/ HVAC air filters manufacturer and supplier in China customized size OEM

  • HVAC air filters can remove fine dust with good efficiency when particle size over 1- 5 micron, also with nice dust holding ability that can remove most of the dust in HVAC tunnel;
  • those HVAC air filters is perfect to commercial building, school, mall, air port and other large public buildings, also can be treated as air conditioning filters for home
  • EAWAY is the famous manufacturer for HVAC air filters in China
  • All kinds of HVAC air filters such as panel pre air filters, pleated pre air filters, pocket filters, filter media pack and so on
  • The HVAC filters are provide with standard size or customized size, OEM logo printing is available


/ Panel Air Filters

  • Efficiency: G3, G4 EN:779
  • Filter media: glass fiber mat / polyester
  • ( glass fiber mat can be used for high temperature situation and paint spray factory to remove oil )
  • ( polyester can be used for normal situation )
  • Filter frame: waterproof corrugated paper, kraft paper, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy
  • Customized size is available

/ Pleated Pre Air Filters

  • Efficiency G3, G4
  • Filter media: pleated polyester with metal mesh support
  • Filer frame: galvanized steel, aluminum alloy
  • The difference between panel air filter and pleated air filters
  • Dust holding ability is different, the pleated design can maximum filter area, larger filter area can reduce pressure drop and enlarge dust holding ability. The V type design can be a nice way to collect dust;

/ Primary Pocket Filters

  • Efficiency: G4 EN:779
  • Filter media: synthetic media stitched into pocket
  • Frame: galvanized steel or aluminum alloy

/ Medium Efficiency Pocket Air Filters

  • Efficiency: M5, M5, F7, F8 EN:779
  • Filter media: synthetic
  • Frame: galvanized steel or aluminum alloy


/ V Bank Filter / Compact Filters

  • Efficiency: M5, M5, F7, F8, F9, H10 EN:779
  • Filter media: glass fiber / polyester PP
  • Glass fiber — longer service life, larger dust holding ability;
  • PP — lower initial pressure drop, but the service life is shorter than glass fiber;