the manufacturer of 24x24x12 Hepa Filter

About the 24x24x12 HEPA filter, let me introduce you some reason why you need to buy from them from a manufacturer directly.

#1. Help you save cost

the market has a huge demand about 24x24x12 HEPA filter, the main reason is this is the typical standard size and vendors always have this in stock, purchasers are very easy to get some in a short time.

What need to concern is the price if it is good, according to the search from market, the average price of one 24x24x12 inch HEPA filter is 250-450USD per unit. Some complex design like high temp or multi v bank the price will be more than 1000$.

In fact, our factory also have lots of this standard HEPA filter in stock, if you order from us we can offer a price like $100 to $150 according to the quantity and design.

If you have a large quantity demand of this item, order from factory do really help you save cost.

#2 Prevent some wrong specification

HEPA filter is a very professional item, if you purchase from a trader but they don`t know too much about that, you may get a wrong specification, that would be a problem. but the sales team from a manufacturer they are very familiar about this and just some pictures and some specification they can totally understand all.

#3. Nice packing to prevent damage

You may have some experience that get a broken HEPA filter due to unsafe package, the HEPA filter should be packed quite well because the glassfiber in it are quite fragile. As a long time history manufacturer we can offer you heavy-duty carton or pallet to pack the filters, that can ensure the safety of parcel.

#4. 100% brand new

If you buy some HEPA filters from a dealer, you may not confirm how long the filters alreay stay in their warehouse, while, the items from a factory is always new.