The easiest and cheapest way to build a laminar flow hood

Many customers who grow mushrooms ask us about air purification devices. Some of them ask about Fan filter units or Laminar flow cabinets. In many cases, purchasing these devices costs a lot because these devices are used in strict industrial requirements. For mushroom cultivation, there is no need to use these expensive facilities, we will introduce you to some simple and feasible filtration methods.

Just need a HEPA filter and a fan, and then build a box yourself, you can have a recommended laminar flow device, and you can go to YouTube to learn how to make such a device. You can easily buy cabinets and fans locally. For HEPA, we are very advantageous in this regard. You can buy from us and get the best price.

You may already know a lot about this, so let’s introduce you to another method that is very popular recently.

A simple laminar flow cabinet made of fan-powered HEPA filter

This is a simple Laminar flow cabinet built with aluminum alloy square tube and Fan-powered HEPA filter. Its laminar airflow is from top to bottom. The built-in H13 high-efficiency filter can filter out more than 99.97% of fungi, bacteria, dust, etc. For mushroom cultivation, this is completely sufficient.

Aluminum alloy square tubes are fixed by metal screws. We will cut these square tubes to the appropriate length, and then the customer installs them step by step according to the instructions. This does not take a long time, usually, an hour is good. Install. There will be anti-static PVC cloth on the side. Use glue or screws to fix it around to ensure that no contaminants enter the work area. Fan-powered HEPA filters will continuously blow out high-purity airflow, and mushroom inoculation can be completed well in this high-purity environment.


If you have encountered similar products on other websites, their prices are mostly between 1,000-2,000 US dollars. I can happily tell you that our price is 1/3, or even less.

At present, we commonly have two models A and B. The size of model A is 1200x600x740mm, and the size of model B is 600x600x740mm. This is our standard size, you can also ask us for customized sizes.


A —— 1200x600x740mm 312USD per set

B —– 600x600x740mm 210USD per set

This price does not include shipping. Considering the size and weight of these devices, we use sea shipping, which will take about 30 days. The cost of sea shipping is A — 160USD B — 100USD

This is the price including shipping

A —— 1200x600x740mm 312+160=472USD per set

B —– 600x600x740mm 210+100=310USD per set

Is it possible to save more costs?

If you think 300-500 US dollars is still too expensive, you can consider using the simplest way to build a mushroom cultivation laminar flow hood. You can learn how to build a simple box through some videos. Generally speaking, you only need to use some board, then you need to buy a blower locally. As for the remaining HEPA filter, you can buy it from us.

We offer standard sizes of 24x24x12 and 24x24x6 inch, the prices are 180USD and 150USD respectively including shipping to your home. This looks like a very good deal.

the HEPA filter we offering for mushroom cultivation?

SizePrice includes shipping
SizePrice includes shipping

All the prices include shipping costs via sea, it takes 30 days for shipping. forwarder will ship the items to your address directly, you don`t need to handle anything.

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