HEPA filter for Oven

For some Clean Air Oven, it is always equipped with H13 or H14 Efficiency high temperature HEPA filter. To create an ultra-clean environment for working. Normally, the oven inside temperature reaches 130 centigrade and some to 200 centigrade more.

A basic normal HEPA filter cannot withstand that extremely high temperature. to fix this problem, it is highly recommend to use a special design OVEN HEPA FILTER.

It is a high temperature designed one, the red silicone sealant can withstand more than 250°C, ( 482°F MAX ). the red silicone gasket also can withstand high temperature, that`s why those air filters look red.

the red silicone gasket and red silicone sealant

Stainless steel frame 304 or 201

Not like a normal temperature air filter, the OVEN HEPA filter must be built with a stainless steel frame, the SUS frame can support the filter in high-temperature situation. and won’t get rust and won`t get weak.

Normal size

  • 24*24*12 inch, 24*24*6 inch ( 610*610*292mm, 610*610*150mm )
  • 12*24*12 inch, 12*24*6 inch ( 305*610*292mm, 305*610*150mm)

Protect metal mesh

Considering some users don`t know how to install filters, sometimes their mistake step will break the filter media, we add a metal mesh on the double side, this can protect filter media from damage.