Painting Spray Pocket filter

Painting spray pocket filter is a kind of air filter specially used in industrial spraying scene. Its core function is to filter dry paint mist, which is mainly used to filter and capture oversprayed liquid and powder coatings in the process of painting. It is suitable for water-based paint, oil-based paint and other paint types, and can also be used to capture other impurities with similar high viscosity.

Painting spray pocket filter used in the field of industrial painting, such as automotive, aviation, furniture, steel structure production, electronic and electrical industries, painting operation is one of the common production processes. In order to ensure the painting quality and control the environmental pollution, the paint mist particles produced in the painting process need to be effectively captured and filtered.

  • High capture efficiency of paint mist
  • Low resistance save energy
  • Long service life and high mist holding capacity
  • Economic price and easy replace
  • Diamond-shaped paint mist filter material provides larger filter area
  • Multi-bag design to increase the effective filtration area
  • High density fiber layer contributes better paint mist holding
  • Aluminum alloy or stainless steel frame corrosion-resistant

Spray paint pocket filter can not only effectively remove dust in the air, but also remove overspray so as to keep the whole spraying environment in a clean state. Its fluffy structure helps to store more overspray and reduce the risk of clog. According to the test, our DPA design pocket filter provides more than 3 times better painting mist holding ability than normal pocket filters.

More bags can be added to further improve the collection of paint mist. 3-6 bags can be placed within the standard 24 inch length. Using more bags can extend their life and reduce the frequency of replacement.

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