Pharmaceutical cleanroom air filters and equipment

In order to keep the pharmaceuticla cleanroom cleanliness level, the air filters and equipments are necessary.

There are some basic air filters should be applied.

  1. HEPA filters —– to remove particle over 0.3 micron, efficiency H13 or H14 EN:1822
  2. V bank filter or pocket air filter — to remove particle size over 5 micron, efficiency F7, F8, F9 and so on. this filter can enlarge HEPA filter service life.
  3. Pre air filter —- remove large dust so that enlarge service life for HEPA, v bank or pocket air filter.

The air filter of a pharmaceutical factory is a vital product to maintain the cleanliness of its cleanroom. Without an air filter, the clean room will not exist.

Depending on the product line, different purification plants need to be designed and require different levels of cleanliness. This affects which air filter and HEPA filter specification and quantity.

In pharmaceutical plants, the most rigorous formulation workshops require Gel Seal HEPA filter, which are rated ISO5 class 100. In order to maintain cleanliness, the number of air changes per hour needs to be 60-200 times.

Efficient air supply or FFU can be installed on the top of the pharmaceutical workshop. This depends on the cleanliness level. If it is a demanding preparation workshop, FFU is required. If it is a general workshop, you can use a HEPA filter ceiling module.

Air showers and pass box are recommended to prevent staff from entering or exiting or entering and leaving the facility with additional sources of contamination. This is the necessary equipment for the pharmaceutical factory.

Some specific sites require high-temperature resistant HEPA filters, such as high-temperature filters resistant to 350-400 degrees, which are commonly used in high-temperature sterilization channels in pharmaceutical plants.