/ pharmaceutical sterilizing High temperature HEPA filter

Frame: SUS 304 T 1.0-1.2mm
Filter media: high temp resist fine glass fiber
Sealant: ceramic
Efficiency: H13 99.97% / H14 99.995%
Separator: aluminum foil corrugated
Gasket: glass fiber bar or PTFE
Beat 350-400 centigrade
Large airflow rate
Lower resistance / better energy save

Pharmaceutical sterilizing High temperature HEPA filter can be used as a HEPA filter for high temperature sterilization channels in pharmaceutical plants. It is made of a special material that can withstand temperatures of 350-400 degrees Celsius, and informs the efficiency of the filter to be maintained on the H13 H14 standard. There will be no additional sources of contamination during use and will not contaminate the equipment and materials of the pharmaceutical plant.
During the installation process, do not use your hands or other hard objects to puncture the filter element of the filter, which will cause leakage.
The filter needs to slowly accept the temperature rise. During the heating process, it is better to increase the temperature by 50 degrees Celsius per hour, and then maintain it for one hour and then raise the temperature, so that the material that can be placed in the filter is extremely deformed and causes damage.

Every sterilization HEPA filter we produce is tested to ensure that no leak notifications are efficiencies.
Standard and non-standard filters are available.

12*24*12inch (295*595*292mm)
24*24*12inch (595*595*292mm)
Customized size available

H13, H14, U15 EN:1822

Filter media

Filter frame
SUS304 T 1.0-1.2mm

Sealant and gasket
ceramic sealant and glass fiber bar gasket or PTFE gasket

For pharmaceutical high tempearture sterilizing tunnel HEPA filter replacement.