Buy Replacement HEPA filters in Bulk at the best-discounted price

Buy some replacement HEPA filters from our factory.

We help you save thousands!!!

You are in the right place because we are a manufacturer of replacement HEPA filters, and we can produce those filters for you. In these cases, we believe the cooperation between us is absolutely perfect!

  • You have multi-air purifiers, you need replacement air filters for more than 1 piece each time like you are running a store that has multi-air purifiers used.
  • You want to order more sets each time thus saving some costs
  • If you are reselling the filters, we can offer you the best price.
  • Cannot find a corresponding replacement HEPA filter in the market.

What replacement HEPA filters do we make?

Any Brand, Size, and Shape are Available !!!

For most of the replacement HEPA filters in the market, we can make them!!!

What you need to do is offer us the size and efficiency of the filter, if you can provide some pictures that will be perfect.

We can make this almost the same as your original ones.

Is the replacement one the same function as the original?

Yes, what you need to know is most of the original ones are comes from China factories ( We are on one of the factories’ lists). We know how those original filters were made.

So, we use the same technology and process method to make them.

How much you can save?

Here we offer a list to show you how much cost you can save if you buy from our factory directly. Here, the quantity is 100PCS, of course, we accept smaller MOQ. Like 5 or 10PCS.

What you need to consider is those prices are not include shipping costs, we can offer Sea shipment to door service and you don`t need to handle everything just receive the parcel at your house or company. the sea shipment is 20 days about, our lead time is very fast just 7 days about, so we believe the time is OK for you if it is not so urgent.

Size aroundthe best price in your marketOur factoryIf you buy 100PCSShipping cost via seaCost save if order 100
10.2″L x 6.5″W x 1.6″Th
‎16.34″L x 12.6″W x 1.18″Th
21″L x 10″W x 4″Th
More sizes are available here, welcome to contact us to get your best-discounted prices.

the cases our factory made replacement HEPA filters for other clients

factory for replacement HEPA filters
manufacturer for replacement HEPA filters of air purifier

Frequently Asked Question

If add a LOGO on the HEPA filters or package available?

We can add your LOGO on the filters and package.

Can we order a small quantity like 5 or 10PCS?

Yes, we accept small quantities, in this case, you can also save cost.

How long to get the filters to arrive?

Normally, 7-10 days if shipped via air, and 25-30 days if shipped via sea.

Do hesitate to contact us, we can offer you the best price !!!

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