Remove smoke and use our air purifier

You may have some experiences that smoke smell affects your daily life, sometimes, you cannot stop others from smoking, but you can have a solution for this.

Choose a larger air purifier

Because the airflow rate of air purifiers sold on the market is not very large, they can not remove smoke efficiently if you want to remove smoke in a larger space such as in the Internet cafe, billiard room, night club, etc. in this case, we recommend our FFU air purifier.

How powerful it is?

This is an evolutionary version of the industrial FFU, the FFU is equipment for industrial cleanroom, it is built-in with a large fan and a large size HEPA filter. the HEPA filter is made of glass fiber and removes particles very efficiently.

ItemAir purifierHCHO CADR200m3/h
Power120WArea60-130m2 room
Noise28-58DBWarranty5 years
N.W.25KgsUV lightAvailable
ControlManual or remoteApplicationRemove particles, smoke, smell

Air purifier for remove smoking smell
Air inlet
air outlet
Universal wheel

Replacement air filters

with carbon and HEPA, and pre filter

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