The functions of an air shower in a cleanroom

Contamination control

Remove pollution sources, particles, odors, etc. attached to personnel and objects
The purpose of the air shower is to remove contaminant particles from the clothing and body of personnel entering the clean room, as well as from the surface of the cargo.The wind speed of the air shower is usually between 18m/s and 25m/s, which can effectively remove the dust particles on the surface of people’s clothes and reduce the pollution entering the clean area.And these are clean air that has been filtered out of particles by the HEPA filter.

Positive Pressure Maintenance

Air showers help maintain a positive pressure condition in the clean room by ensuring that all incoming air must pass through the air shower process.Positive pressure helps prevent the backflow of pollutants from the outside air.The double door linkage mechanism of the air shower ensures that one door can be opened after the other door is closed, which helps to maintain the positive pressure state of the clean room.For example, when people enter the air shower room, the entrance door automatically closes and starts blowing, and the exit door can be opened after blowing, so as to ensure that the positive pressure of the clean room is not affected during the whole process.


The use of air showers also serves as a practice that reinforces the importance of personal hygiene and preparation before entering a clean room, reminding personnel that they are entering an environment that requires special attention and maintenance.

Regulatory requirements

In many industries where sterility or very low contamination levels are required, air showers are an important part of meeting industry specifications and quality control procedures (e.g., pharmaceutical GMP standards, biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, and food processing).
Access control: The air shower can be combined with the access control system to ensure that irrelevant personnel will not enter.