V Bank Air filter for both particle & gas filtration

V bank air filter is a second stage filtration in air handling unit, for final stage filtration in some commercial ventilation systems. it can remove fine dust size over 0.5 microns, the efficiency is 65-95% according to different grades.

V bank air filter can provide a very good airflow rate and relatively lower resistance. it also has a very good dust-holding ability. the mini pleat filter pack maximum filter area and V bank construction let more filter media packs be installed in a certain housing.

there are some different frame materials.

ABS plastic —- the plastic frame is a molded item, only standard sizes are available such as 24*24*12, 12*24*12, 12*12*12 inches. ( 595*595*292mm, 595*287*292mm and so on.) With a flange thickness 25mm, EVA gasket on the backside of flange.

Metal frame —- If using a metal frame, customized sizes are also feasible. Most standard size is 610*610*292mm and 610*305*292mm. Can be designed for boxes or flanged.

v bank air filter

Filtration specification

Efficiency F7, F8, F9, H10, H13, H14 etc…
The efficiency of the V bank air filter is generally medium grades, mainly F7, F8, F9, H10, etc. Widely used in commercial ventilation systems and as a primary air filter for the HEPA filter in a cleanroom. It is widely used in pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, electronics factories, spraying, and food industries. The modular design makes it easy to install, transport, and lightweight. for some application that needs higher efficiency, HEPA grade H13, H14, and U15 is available, in this occasion the filter frame is metal for a better and more reliable seal.

Polyester and glass fiber filter media
The filter is made of polyester and glass fiber, and they all meet the standard filtration grade, but the initial resistance of the polyester will be lower than the glass fiber. Polyester has a lower life expectancy than glass fiber. On some special occasions, when polyester media collect many bacteria and VOC material, it will release some strange smell but glass fiber does not. We recommend glass fiber as the filter media.

Carbon V bank filter is a very good gas filtration choice

By placing the original filter media pack with carbon granule or carbon fiber, the v bank filter becomes a very good gas filtration choice. this is typically very suitable for some ventilation that needs removal odors such as in chemical industries, also in food processes like bread baking and so on.

Carbon granule or PTFE carbon media

the activated carbon granule is installed in a honeycomb, then put the honeycomb pack into a frame that makes it become a carbon v bank filter. PTFE filter media with carbon particle granule inside, this design offers both gas and particle purification.

ABS plastic frame
Metal frame
Carbon granule
Carbon PTFE fiber

What are the advantages of V – Bank design?

Better than pocket air filters
Both the V bank air filter and the pocket air filter are medium-efficiency filters that can be used as the main air filter for the ventilation system and as the initial filter for the HEPA filter, which can be used as an alternative of each other. But the V bank filter can be used in wet environments, for pocket air filters, its pocket will stick each other together in a humid environment making airflow passing become difficult. If the ventilation environment is relatively humid, it is recommended to use a v bank air filter.

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