Laminar flow cabinet is a device applied in cleanroom that provide partial higher cleanliness level;

It is a test or table, that with laminar air flow class 100 to remove dust;

According to the air flow direction, there are two different model;

  1. Vertical flow laminar flow cabinet;
  2. Horizontal flow laminar flow cabinet;



  1. Customize size and standard size;
  2. HEPA filters H13 / H14 EN:1822
  3. HEPA filters can be replaced
  4. Air velocity adjustable
  5. With Leg or without Leg design
  6. Class 100 cleanliness level


Vertical Flow Laminar Flow Cabinet

The vertical flow laminar flow cabinet —- the air flow form of the vertical one-way up to down flow.

The low-noise centrifugal fan, static pressure box and high efficiency HEPA filter are combined into a single unit structure.

This product can use separate worktable to reduce the impact of vibration.

It is a kind of aeration equipment that provides local high clean environment with strong universality. Its use has good effect on improving technological conditions, improving product quality and increasing product yield.


Features of vertical flow cleaning table:

CLASS100 complies with iso 14666-1 international standard

The adjustable air volume and low noise fan system are adopted to ensure the working area air flow speed is always in an ideal state

The steel plate of the box body is treated with polishing and spray, and the operating table is 304 stainless steel.


Description of vertical flow cleaning table:

  1. Foot wheel with brake
  2. The foot cup
  3. Support
  4. Stainless steel mesa
  5. Socket
  6. Transparent glass
  7. Fluorescent lamp
  8. Control switch
  9. High efficiency filter
  10. Primary filter
  11. Centrifugal fan


Horizontal flow laminar flow cabinet

Horizontal flow laminar flow cabinet is widely used in electronics, defense, precision instruments, meters, biological, pharmaceutical, food, asepsis microorganism inspection, plant seed vaccination and other industries need partial high level cleanliness work environment.

It is a kind of air purification equipment that provides partial high level cleanliness standard and very common for application. Its good for improving technological conditions, improving product quality and increasing product yield.


Features of Horizontal flow laminar flow cabinet:

CLASS100 complies with ISO 14666-1 international standard

Horizontal flow, open table, easy to operate

The adjustable air flow velocity and low noise fan system are adopted to ensure good and ideal air flow all the time;

304 stainless steel platform;


Horizontal flow clean bench configuration:

  1. Wheel with brake
  2. Primaryairfilter
  3. Centrifugal fan
  4. Control switch
  5. High efficiency HEPA filter
  6. Stainless steel working platform
  7. air diffuser
  8. Transparent glass
  9. fluorescent light


Biological laminar flow cabinet manufacturer in China

The biological laminar flow cabinet is used for the non-dust and non-bacterial clean operation of medicine, biology, electronics and other industries.


Shock-absorbing separated worktop.

Door glass is push-up type, the structure is novel and easy to observe.

Horizontal one-way flow air supply to ensure each layer of goods is clean air purified.

In the laminar flow of clean air, it can effectively prevent the pollution.

Suitable for variable air supply system with high and low wind speed.

Adjustable, reliable operation, low energy consumption, UV lighting and sterilization system.

Digital display control interface, more humanized design.

Adopt universal caster to move freely, flexible and convenient.


Description of biological laminar flow cabinet:

  1. High efficiency HEPA filter
  2. The fluorescent lamp
  3. Tempered glass door vertical sliding door
  4. The side faceguard
  5. The workbench
  6. General power switch
  7. Spare socket
  8. Operation control panel
  9. Primary air filter
  10. Variable airfanunit
  11. A universal wheel
  12. The power cord