Cleanroom wash basin and dryer 2 in 1 machine

The cleanroom wash basin is a kind of cleaning equipment used in medical, pharmaceutical, food production, and other industries. It uses stainless steel as the whole shell, which can prevent rusting and is easy to clean.

Our cleanroom wash basins are available in many different sizes, and can also be designed and customized according to customer requirements.

It can be equipped with a heater to provide a heated water supply, and a HEPA H13 grade purified airflow can help dry the hands and prevent any bacteria.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic operation design is convenient for users without touching the switch.


  • The heater of the water supply
  • Heater and HEPA-purified air supply
  • Integral SUS304 stainless steel production, wash basin panel seamless welding
  • Standard and custom sizes are available
  • Additional function DIY available
  • Mirror to make it convenient for people to clean

Hand-washing dryer control

When the hand reaches the automatic induction faucet, the water will be supplied automatically with an induction distance of 25cm, and clean water will be provided;

When the hand reaches the nozzle, it will automatically blow out the cleaned hot air that is purified by HEPA filters, The wind speed is adjustable.

Water can be supplied automatically after a power failure.

wash basin and dryer
Item NoEA-KQ304
Out size580x580x1760mm
Dry airflow>15m/s
Dry air temp48℃±3
Dry time18-28S
HEPA filterH13 99.99%
Water supplyAutomatic
Air supplyAutomatic
*Custom size available
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