Cleanroom wash basin and dryer 2 in 1 machine

1. dryer sensor

2. Heater 1500W

3. H3 HEPA filter

4. water purifier

5. Fan

6. Electrical control

7. Blowing port,304 stainless steel

8. Faucet, automatic

9. Primary filter

10. Mirror

11. Stainless steel wash basin

12. Work, power indicator and emergency stop switch

13. Stainless steel hand sanitizer

14. Front window for fix and maintains

15. Stainless steel food cup

16. LOGO


Instructions for cleanroom wash basin and dryer:

1. Hand-washing dryer control

A. When the hand reaches into the automatic induction faucet, the water will be supplied automatically with an induction distance of 25cm, and clean water will be provided;

B. When the hand reaches to the nozzle, it will automatically blow out the cleaned hot air that purified by HEPA filters, The wind speed is adjustable.

C. water can be supplied automatically after a power failure.

2. Material of hand washing dryer

Integral SUS304 stainless steel production, wash basin panel seamless welding

3. Mirror to make it convenient for people to clean their clothes and decorations.