Why are air purifier filters expensive?

If you have an air purifier, you may be confused and worried that the replacement air filter is expensive. Often costs 50-100 USD per set. In fact, you may need to replace the filter every 6 months. which means at least 100USD for only replacing the filters.

We must admit that selling filter cartridges is an important marketing strategy for many companies so that sales and profits can be generated continuously. Just like a company that sells printers needs to sell additional ink cartridges.

Fortunately, filters are not as complicated as cartridges, and you can easily get replacement filters. And, in the case of the same function and filtration efficiency, the price will get a lot of discounts.

As a HEPA filter factory with many years of production experience, we are able to produce the vast majority of replacement filter elements on the market. The only difference from the original filter element is that we do not provide LOGO, other functions and filtering effects, and air volume are the same. As a factory, of course, we can offer you absolutely reasonable and very attractive prices.

How much can you save?

If you’re just buying only one filter element, this probably won’t save you money. You can save some if you buy more than one. If you need to replace a filter every 3 months and have multiple rooms with air purifiers, you should need more filters.

If your filter costs $50, the total price is $500 when you buy 10 filters. And the price we give you is $20, you can save $300, which is a very attractive price.

Welcome to contact us and we help you save money.