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EawayFilter is the manufacturer for HVAC air filters and cleanroom HEPA filters, and other cleanroom equipment;
As a factory established in 2002, we aim to provide best quality product at the same time with good reasonable price.


EAWAY brand belong to Changsha EawayFilter Equipment Co., Ltd, who located in Shenzhen China; EAWAY is a famous brand for cleanroom air filter solution in China.


Professional HEPA filter, industial HVAC air filters manufacturer, we have R&D team, to give you what you want;
All of the products are offered with standard size and customized size, we also accept OEM and ODM;
Other cleanroom equipment such air shower, pass box, clean bench, clean booth, FFU, diffuser and so on;


Double Confirm the quality, we test HEPA filter media efficiency before production, and test HEPA filter after production;
All of the products are produced with strict quality control. All HEPA filters with leakage test;


For better air environment at the industrial cleanroom and residential indoor house. Residential air filters, industrial air filters

/ Our product include

Air filters: primary air filters, HVAC air filters, HEPA filters, AHU air filters, v bank air filters, air purifier residential air filters, high temperature HEPA filters and soon
Equipment: pass box, air shower, fan filter unit, garment wardrobe, air diffuser, clean booth, clean bench and so on.