Air filter for 3D printer

Is a 3D printer harmful to health?

Everyone has been thinking about this issue. In fact, the main reason is that the 3D printer will release some fine particles and organic matter during the printing process. If the worker is near the 3D printer, these harmful emissions may be inhaled.

Maybe you will have this kind of experience when the 3D printer has some special smells released during the use process.

How to solve this problem?

In fact, the easiest way is to install an air filter for 3D printer. You can use the advanced filter and the activated carbon filter. It is very effective. The HEPA filter is used in the air purifier fresh air system, and in the industry, it is used in cleanroom purification.

air filter for 3D printer

Why HEPA filters and carbon filters can remove particles and smell?

The standard of HEPA filter is to filter particles with a diameter greater than 0.3 microns, and the efficiency is more than 99%. ( It also has a better efficiency for PM2.5 ) We know that the diameter of inhalable particles for human lung health must be at least 2.5 microns (PM2.5), so we often measure of air quality via PM2.5.
Therefore, the high-efficiency filter removes 0.3 microns of particles and the efficiency is up to Above 99%, it has a very good filtering efficiency for PM2.5, which can remove particles harmful to the human body.

At the same time, we can choose to combine the activated carbon particles and the HEPA filter together. The internal porous structure of the activated carbon particles can adsorb toxic and odorous molecules, and its effect is very obvious. The most significant use case is a gas mask, which contains activated carbon particles.

Do you need to build an Acrylic 3D printer enclosure?

Acrylic box

We will introduce to you how to use simple accessories to make a 3D printed air purification box. First, you need to use a box made of acrylic material. This box is transparent, which means you can simply see the printing inside the box through the box. The size of this outer frame can be customized according to your needs. Unlike the common Acrylic 3D printer enclosures on the market, we will use materials with a thickness between 8-20mm, which can fully provide support and make the entire box very strong.

High efficiency filter-HEPA and PC blower
The high-efficiency filter HEPA can remove odors and particles generated during the 3D printing process. For people who work and live in a 3D printing environment for a long time, it is necessary to remove these sources of pollution. The HEPA we produce has an efficiency of H13. The usual size is 80×80×25 mm. We will have some inventory in this area. If you need other sizes, this is also possible. Then you need to use a computer fan to match it. , so that the odor generated inside the acrylic is extracted through the negative pressure of the fan, and then the odor and other pollution sources will be purified when they pass through the high-efficiency filter.

Acrylic box

HEPA & Carbon filter 80*80*25mm

PC fan

Acrylic 3D printer enclosure all-in-one supplier

We can supply all those materials, to help you build an acrylic HEPA filter box for 3D printer service.

  1. the acrylic box is fully customized in size, tell us what size you need
  2. the HEPA filter size is 80*80*25mm so that works well with a single PC fan, if you want to add more fans, we can build a large HEPA filter, like 160*80*25mm or 160*160*25mm, etc.
  3. if you already have an acrylic 3D printer box but need to replace the HEPA filter, we can supply you with the HEPA filters. If you need other custom sizes, that is also available.
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