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  • Efficiency: H12, H13, H14, U15 EN:1822
  • Customization:yes
  • Design: replaceable or disposable
  • Gasket: EVA dovetailed / gel seal / seamless urethane
  • Filter media: superfine glassfiber
  • Frame: aluminum coated zinc plate, powder coated metal plate, stainless steel
  • Accessories: POA port, perforated panel air outlet, air inlet, air volume valve control


/ Disposable HEPA Filter Module Box

  • This kind of Disposable HEPA Filter Module Box, the HEPA filters cannot be replaceabled, once the final air pressure drop is reached. the whole module should be replaced.
  • The Disposable HEPA Filter Module Box connect with air pipeline directly and sealed with good air tight performance. Very nice air purify ability, it`s very suitable for class 10000 to class 100 laminar flow or turbulence flow cleanroom.
  • Small size and light weight, anodized aluminum alloy as the side frame, standard thickness is 150m or 180mm, there different air inlet size 10, 12, 14 inch.

/ Replaceable HEPA Filter Module Box

  • Features: HEPA Filter replaceable.
  • Filter design: HEPA filter H13, H14 mini pleated.
  • Gasket: EVA dovetailed or seamless gasket.
  • Housing: powder coated metal.
  • Accessories: heat insulation and perforated panel air outlet.