Qualified HEPA filter diffuser, not only standard size, customized size also available!!!

Ducted Ceiling mounted HEPA Filter Diffuser – modular box design

the HEPA filter diffuser is a terminal stage filtration equipment in a clean room, it is made of a housing, filter pack, collar, regular valve, and heat insulation.

  • Efficiency: H12, H13, H14, U15 EN:1822
  • Customization: yes
  • Design: replaceable or disposable
  • Gasket: EVA dovetailed / gel seal / seamless urethane
  • Filter media: superfine glassfiber
  • Frame: aluminum-coated zinc plate, powder-coated metal plate, stainless steel
  • Accessories: POA port, perforated panel air outlet, air inlet, air volume valve control

Disposable HEPA Filter Diffuser Module Box

The disposable HEPA Filter diffuser, HEPA filters cannot be replaceable, once the final air pressure drop is reached. The whole module should be replaced.

It connects with the air pipeline directly and is sealed with good air-tight performance. Very nice air purifying ability, it`s very suitable for class 10000 to class 100 laminar flow or turbulence flow cleanroom.

Small size and lightweight, with anodized aluminum alloy as the side frame, and standard thickness is 150m or 180mm, their different air inlet size is 10, 12, and 14 inches.

Ducted Ceiling mounted

In order to facilitate the installation of HEPA in a clean room, the filter material is wrapped with a metal housing, and the filter material and the frame are connected with the glue of a special material and have a perfect seal. On one side of the metal housing, make a circular or directional connection collar, so that the HEPA is very convenient to directly connect to the pipe of the ventilation system.

Usually, this type of HEPA will be installed in the ceiling position, which can generate a purified airflow from up to down. Generally designed clean rooms have reserved space on the top of their ceilings for the installation of this type of equipment.

HEPA filter diffuser

/ Replaceable HEPA Filter Module Box

  • Features: HEPA Filter replaceable.
  • Filter design: HEPA filter H13, H14 mini pleated.
  • Gasket: EVA dovetailed or seamless gasket.
  • Housing: powder coated metal.
  • Accessories: heat insulation and perforated panel air outlet.
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