Get Standard and custom size HVAC Air diffuser & grille

The HVAC diffuser & grille is the window of the ventilation system tunnel air out and return. It has evenly distributed grids or louvers, which can make the wind evenly distributed from one side or multiple sides. It can make the ventilation of the room more even. At the same time, an air filter can be added on the return air side to filter dust, hair, etc. from entering the ventilation system. If the ventilation system does not use excessive pre-filtration, an air filter can also be added to the air outlet side.

ABS plastic or aluminum alloy as the frame. We provide standard or customized sizes. When purchasing a diffuser or grille, you need to specify the installation dimensions and external dimensions. The installation dimensions are consistent with the inner diameter of the ventilation duct.

Diffuser has a variety of styles, including regular grille design, 4-way, art, round, long, and other designs.

What type of HVAC diffuser & grille we can do?

MaterialExtruded aluminumABSSS304Galvanized steelplastic steelPVC
Special designlong striparc-shapedSingle or double-layerWater-proofwith HEPA filterwith regulating valve

Custom HVAC diffuser & grille is Available

Considering that many ventilation systems have different pipe sizes when designed, and even some pipes have special shapes, such as circular, trapezoidal, etc., it may be difficult for us to purchase suitable HVAC diffusers & grilles locally. , at this time, you can choose us because we are good at making customized sizes. You can choose from our existing styles and tell us how to customize those sizes. Of course, you can also ask for some special features and designs.

When you customize, please inform us of these contents

  1. Shape and size of the ventilation system
  2. Required thickness of HVAC diffuser & grille
  3. Is it hinged or otherwise detachable?
  4. Is it necessary to add an air filter?
  5. Is it an air outlet or a return air outlet?
  6. Plastic or aluminum alloy, stainless steel material
  7. Color, we provide white, of course, other colors are also feasible

What we can offer you

  1. You can buy our standard sizes at a very good price
  2. Of course, for customized HVAC diffusers & grilles, our minimum order quantity is ONE unit
  3. We can design for you and provide drawings
  4. Provide LOGO printing and other services
  5. More other customized services

Type of HVAC air diffusers & Grilles we provide

Custom air diffuser

4-Way Series

HVAC air grille

Long strip series

return air outlet HVAC air diffuser

Return air outlet

Custom air grille


Custom swirl air diffuser


Ventilation system blind panel with hinges


Custom air diffuser grille arc shaped


ventilation system blind panel

Blind panel with hinges

HVAC air diffuser with HEPA filter mounted

HEPA filter mounted

Custom art design air diffuser

Art, customized

Round HVAC air diffusers for fresh air system

Fresh air system, round

Stainless steel HVAC air diffuser and grille

Stainless steel series

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