Simple and Easy installation
Hardwall Modular cleanroom ( Acrylic wall )
Softwall Modular cleanroom ( PVC plastic film)
Fan powered HEPA filters on the ceiling
Laminar flow from up to down
H13 H14 U15 EN:1822 HEPA filters
Laminar Flow Cleanroom System
Place in a certain area Detachable / Removable
Any size available
Can be disassembled and reassembled
Not very expansive, save cost
Simple design, save money

Modular Cleanroom builder and manufacturer

/ Modular Cleanroom Application

The modular cleanroom allows users to build a workplace with a high level of cleanliness in a short period of time. The materials used are also very simple, some aluminum alloy strips, some PVC plastic sheets, some Fan Filter Unit and high efficiency HEPA filters just OK.

In many cases, building a traditional clean room is cumbersome, and it takes a long time and costs a lot of money. You need a professional team or company to build it, which will incur more costs. But the modular cleanroom can solve these problems perfectly. It is cheap, fast to build and construction is simple and convenient, and only a few people can complete a project in just a few days.

/ Modular Cleanroom Working Principle

In fact, it is a simple shed. Maybe you have built a simple shed at home, but the top of the modular cleanroom will have some FFU and HEPA Filter installed. These HEPA filters can remove dust in the air and blow the wind to the clean room. The FFU consists of a fan, a box and a high-efficiency HEPA filter, fan of the FFU will overcomes the resistance of the HEPA filter and allows the airflow move from up to down evenly. The HEPA filter can remove dust particles larger than 0.3 micron with good efficiency of 99.97% – 99.995%. The cleanliness level is up to class 100 to class 1000, which can meet most of the industrial requirements.

/ How To Quickly Install It ?

First, you need to determine the cleanliness level and size, and where you need to install it. We will select the right material for you according to the size you provide and cut it for you. When you receive these materials, you only need to refer to the design drawings we provide to assemble it easily.

For details, please refer to how to use aluminum alloy square to build?

/ What Kind Of Design Do You Need?

It has two designs, softwall and hardwall. PVC softwall or acrylic/tempered glass hardwall will be installed around the it to prevent outside unclean air from entering it. The cost of softwall cheaper and it is also more convenient to build. The initial construction can be completed by covering the top and surrounding with PVC plastic film. Hardwall modular cleanroom uses tempered glass or acrylic instead of PVC as the material for the wall. This design is more beautiful and lasts longer. But whether it is softwall or hardwall, they will not affect the purification.

/ Images Of Hardwall / Softwall

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modular cleanroom PVC softwall

Softwall PVC
modular cleanroom PVC softwall


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modular cleanroom Acrylic Hardwall

Hardwall Acrylic
modular cleanroom Acrylic Hardwall


/ List Of Accessories

Aluminum alloy square or stainless steel square
To build a modular cleanroom frame, we recommend you use aluminum alloy square bar, because it is very convenient to install; if you use stainless steel square bar, you need to weld it

PVC plastic film
PVC plastic film is used to build the wall, you can use nails to fix it on the frame, transparent PVC film and easily to clean, no smell and safe

Acrylic or tempered glass
acrylic or tempered glass is used in the design of hardwall cleanroom. We will cut these materials into corresponding sizes, you need to use glue or screws to fix these materials on the frame as a wall

This is a device that provides extra power for the airflow to overcome the HEPA filter resistance, so the modular cleanroom needs to be configured with power. Generally, the industrial power can be used. We will provide the corresponding motor and slug according to your national power specification

HEPA filter can purify the dust and particles in the air. This is the core component of the modular cleanroom, generally using H13 99.97% efficiency high efficiency filter, the quantity of high efficiency filters depends on the modular cleanroom cleanliness level. If need higher level cleanroom, H14 or U15 HEPA filter is available