Fan Filter Unit for Cleanroom

The fan filter unit is a very important device in modern cleanroom systems, it can generate a laminar airflow from the ceiling up to down. the inside fan can help airflow pass the filter easily to overcome the resistance of the HEPA filter/ULPA filter.

  • Housing: Galvanized steel, Stainless Steel
  • Motorized: AC/EC, 110/220V
  • Air filter: with HEPA/ULPA filter and Pre-filter
  • Cleanliness level: class 100 at least
  • Size: customized or standard
  • Control: centralized or single manual/remote
  • Application: special designed for cleanroom
  • HEPA filter efficiency: H13, H14, U15


To meet the different powder supply requirements of our clients, we offer two versions of the FFU power system, which are a 110V Motor and a 220V motor. All the motors are CE tested and qualified that can use for at least 10 years.

AC or EC motroized HEPA filter

For cleanroom FFU quantities less than 100 units, we recommend our clients use AC motor FFU. The AC motor is easy to control and won`t spend too much cost to build the cleanroom in the initial time.

for FFU quantity over than 100 units, an EC motorized HEPA filter is a better choice, the EC FFU can be controlled centralized via computer, which is really easy to control and can monitor the status of each FFU.

Also, the EC Fan filter unit spends less power consumption than AC.

HEPA filter for Fan Filter Units

Typical Application

Mainly for large size class 100 cleanroom

The birth of FFU is for large-scale clean room air purification. Considering there are lots of HEPA filters that should be installed on the ceiling if there is no motor to help airflow pass HEPA filters, there will only have a little airflow to the inner cleanroom area.

for softwall or hardwall cleanroom

the softwall and hardwall cleanroom is a temporary clean room built to save cost and time. In order to meet the requirements of cleanliness, it is also necessary to install FFU on the top.

To build a laminar flow hood

the Fan filter unit is the core part of the laminar flow hood, with an FFU can build a laminar flow hood for some applications like the lab, mushroom cultivation, phone/laptop repair, and so on. We have a solution for those clients that can help them build a laminar flow hood easily with our FFU.

What is the price of a Fan filter unit?

If you fully understand the construction of FFU, you will know how much costs to build one. In truth, the price of the fan filter units is getting cheaper and cheaper recently. Why?

Because it is not a complex device, it is made of a house, a motor, a HEPA filter, and a control system. that. It’s a very experienced technique for us. When you choose a supplier of FFU you need to confirm the price is reasonable because the price is really changed a lot.

If you want to know the price, welcome to contact us we will offer you a quotation within 24 hours.

Cleanliness level & application

Our Fan filter unit can generate a class 100 purified airflow, the air speed is 0.45m/s ( 20% adjustable ). For most applications are available such as pharma, lab, food process, mushroom cultivation, softwall and hardwall cleanroom.

To meet the different application, we will help clients to choose the correct item and parts, if need a DC motor, if need a stainless steel frame, if need special control and so on.

Also, our factory can build customized sized Fan filter Unit in a short time.

Installation and replacement of HEPA/ULPA

Before installing the Fan filter unit ( FFU ), it is necessary to close the clean room and the ventilation system, so that no wind can come in. The FFU is usually placed in the ceiling on the top of the clean room, and this space needs to be reserved with a height of at least 80cm-200cm to facilitate the operation of the staff.

All locations need to be cleaned to ensure cleanliness and no sources of contamination. Place the HEPA on the T bar first, then place the housing, and then connect the power supply and control system.

In the trial operation stage, the airflow rate and overall cleanliness need to be checked at all times in order to adjust and modify in time.

More details

Dimension, customized size available
Thickness 320mm ( 12.6 inches)

  • 48″ x 48″
  • 48″ x 24″
  • 24″ x 24″

Working condition

  • Max temperature resistance 80°C, humidity 80%;
  • Power 110V/220V, 50/60Hz

The efficiency of HEPA/ULPA
F8, F9 EN:779 H10, H11, H12, H13, H14, U15 EN:1822

Noise and power consumption
for 48″ x 48″, there are two motors inside, the airflow rate is 4000-5000CMH ( 2300-2900CFM )
for 48″ x 24″, one motor inside, airflow rate is 2000-2500CMH ( 1150-1950CFM )

for 24″ x 24″, one motor inside, airflow rate is 1000-1200CMH ( 580-700CFM )

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