Carbon Panel Air Filter Remove Dust and Odor

Compared with ordinary ventilation system filters, the activated carbon panel air filter can effectively remove odor while removing dust also.

This is a 2-in-1 design that offers versatile applications in a compact installation space. The activated carbon powder is attached to the filter material of the chemical synthetic fiber. When the polluted airflow with odor flows through the air filter, the odor will be adsorbed by the activated carbon powder and the dust will be collected by the chemical synthetic fiber.

  • Filter media: synthetic fiber with carbon combined
  • Frame: galvanized, cardboard, stainless steel, aluminum alloy
  • Design: panel, flat filter media
  • Function: remove dust and odor for ventilation
  • Size: for both standard and customized
  • Thickness: 10, 25, 45mm
  • Max working Temperature: Atmosphere temp
  • Humidity: 80%

Faceguard to hold the filter media

to hold the carbon filter media, both the air inlet and outlet side are mounted with a powder-coated metal mesh grille. according to the size of the filter, the grille design would be changed.

Also, the faceguard can be designed easily to take out, which means the carbon filter media can be replaced easily when just taking off the grille.

Paper framed for better economic

Offering a paper-framed carbon panel air filter that makes the total cost lower. The filtering performance of dust and odor remains the same. Be careful the paper-framed design is only available for some low-humidity ventilation systems.

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