Make a HEPA filter prototype within a week

We have much experience to help our clients get a HEPA filter prototype, and most of the designs in the market are available.

You can send us your design, 3D drawing, 2D drawing, or just even some description of the filter that we understand. Our engineer will offer you the best solution to help you get a prototype soon.

Also, if you don`t have a drawing, our engineer can make a 3D drawing for you that makes your project runs easier. that is totally free before you place an order.

All the HEPA filters are customized according to your requirement, if there are some designs we cannot achieve, we will discuss them with you and find a solution.

Our advantageous

  • Fast, 2 days for design and a week for prototype
  • Find the best material for your filters
  • Very competitive price, save your cost
  • In time communication, not delay
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Get a price list for bulk orders soon
  • Design retail packages
  • 3D printing parts if need
  • The first test in our factory
  • OEM and ODM welcome
HEPA filter prototype via Solidworks 3D drawing

Some tips for you when designing a HEPA filter prototype

Filter size: the filter size we can make ranges from 50mm to 20000mm ( Length or width ), 8mm to 500mm ( thickness )

Filter shape: not only we can make some normal sizes like rectangular, or square. Also, we can make round and cylinders, and even other strange shape.

Filter media: glass fiber or PTFE, glass fiber is more common for industrial applications. PTFE is very popular for some air purifiers, 3D printers, cleanrooms, air humidifiers, smoker removers, and other devices.

Frame: offers metal ( stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy ), cardboard, and plastic.

Airflow rate & pressure drop: if you have some idea of the required airflow rate and MAX pressure drop, that will help us choose the best filter media, for example, in same airflow condition, PTFE media provides lower resistance than glass fiber. Also, our engineer can test the prototype to get the first-time air flow rate and pressure drop.

Working temperature: sometimes, our clients need to make some filters that use a high-temperature status, which also needs some special material.

Filter efficiency: our efficiency design ranges from G1 to G4 ( Primary efficiency ), F5 to F9 ( Medium efficiency ), and H10 to U15 ( HEPA efficiency ).

HEPA filter prototype drawing

Fast prototype, good price, absolute confidentiality

Our factory is very professional about making HEPA filter prototypes, we have a team in a factory that always handling samples and prototypes for our clients. So, everything won`t take a long time. Also, we have a very experienced raw material supply chain that can find the best raw material soon. Normally, we can make a prototype for you within a week.

With more than 20 years of history in the air filter industry, we know every detail and advantage of different materials, we help you design and choose the best material. Also, as a factory, we supply HEPA filters at very good competitive prices. At the initial time of the prototype, we can offer you the price for bulk orders, which make you confirm if this prototype is worth doing.

Absolute confidentiality

In order to keep the confidentiality right of our clients, we will not display any information about the filter design and company & contact information in public.

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