A very tiny HEPA filter for the machine

Some clients asked us if it is possible to get some very tiny HEPA filters. Because they want to use this tiny HEPA filter for their sweeping robot or car air purifier. And some clients need to custom a very tiny HEPA filter for their machine.

Yes, we can make very tiny HEPA filters.

You deserve to buy a tiny HEPA filter from the manufacturer

Why? Because the sweeping robot HEPA filter should be replaced very frequently, normally 1-2 weeks per time. Considering the cost of a HEPA filter, why not buy it from a factory to save your money?

Don`t waste cost for replacing HEPA filters for your sweeping robots

If you buy original filters, the price is about 5 USD per unit, which is too expensive, if you buy from us the cost is as low as 1 USD, and you can save almost 70-80% of the cost.

tiny HEPA filter for sweeping robot and car air purifier
Sweeping robots HEPA filter
quite tiny HEPA filter for car air purifier

To know more about the price and design, welcome to contact us we will reply you ASAP.